Considering Horses

Out on an evening walk with the dog. Try and try again. Wear out the dog.

It’s not easy wearing out the dog. Make him tired? No way. He just plays on. Bite the leash, sniff the leaves, bite the leash, pull ahead, fall behind.

I thought. I hoped  a walk of 3 km would help to calm him down. Wrong again! It just wound him up. Bite the leash. Smell the leaves and other unnamed things.

On the way back, he noticed something new. Horses. 3 Horses

Here he is, considering horses. Not moving. Not barking. Not knowing that I am present.

The horses move closer. The consider him, and he they.

A close up of sorts.


They sniffed him, while I held him, and he sniffed them.

It’s not always easy, being a young dog of 5+ months. It must be challenging, considering horses, and all?

Was he tired when he reached the comfort of his home? Not very. Not at all.

But now, after having a long day being that young dog of 5+ months, he is tired. Very tired.

Especially after considering horses, 3….


Coco has been out again.

The next day, while on a walk, close by to considering horses.

This time he has considered sheep.


He is just as in awe today, as yesterday.

Considering a young dog as himself.

Considering others…..