Pretty Girls Get All of the Attention

You are probably thinking, that was a no-brainer title, sort of like mentioning Bikinis, but let me tell you it is true!

I work in Retail Sales and my colleagues will bend over backwards to help a Pretty Girl. They just need to ask:

Do you know anything about………………………….?

Fill in your own answer after “about” because the answer is always “Yes, I do!”

A pretty girl can get guys to do just about anything by just smiling. That usually works on me! I wouldn’t want to tell you, that I was not affected by such a thing, but yes, it is true.

My criteria are not as developed as my colleagues, as they use other factors to determine who is, or who isn’t pretty. Besides her smile, there is hair, figure, etc.

I fell prey to the “Pretty Girl Syndrome” today, as well. A PG asked about the location of an item. After several attempts to contact someone with that knowledge by phone, I started to wander through the whole of the store, looking for the items needed. I could argue that it was a part of my job to do so, but even I wouldn’t underestimate the power of a PG. I attempted to make small talk on our journey and tried to help her out in any way possible. In the end she thanked me for my help, for the long journey, and wished me a Good Weekend!

I guess, there are just some things in this life, that defy explanation. I can and won’t try to define what makes a Pretty Girl, as we all have our own ways of determining that.

I just felt it necessary to tell the world that I am also affected by this phenomena, which might just be part of being a guy?

Try smiling at me, and see where it gets you. You might just be placed into my Pretty Girl category for the day, and it will last as long as we are together.

Good Luck to all of you!