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The Dog Equation

You might remember Pythagoras? He was the one who made us suffer in school with index


a2 + b2 = c2

Some would say suffer, while others would say, such an invention of thought was both easy and useful.

That’s what makes us different.

I propose another line of mathematics: The Dog Equation. Here is the first application.

Dog + distance to bowl of cereal = Dog Satisfaction.

Variables contributing to success/failure include: distance from owner to bowl/dog, distance from dog to bowl, height of table.


The next equation deals with this photo: The Lick Factor


Variables contributing to success/failure include: reaction time of owner, amount of lickable utensils, elapsed time before door is shut

The third photo in the Dog Equation deals with: The Sniffability of Liver Pate.


Variables contributing to success/failure include: length of dog’s legs, distance of Liver Pate from tabletop to the edge – aka. The Dog Zone of Opportunity.

The other factor not as yet included is: The absence of owner due to blog-writing. This might just be the deciding factor determining the success/failure of attaining ones goals.

I’ll either have to raise the counter top to above dog-leg-level, or I’ll have to concentrate more on Dog Satisfaction!

I’ll be working on the next equation: Dog Satisfaction…I’ll get back to you on that one!







Just an American lost in Denmark. The past few weeks being back in the good old USA. It is like Aliens have taken over my mind, changing it from what I knew to what I know. It might be the heat, or it might be the influence of hearing English 24 hours a day, but whatever the cause, it is only temporary while dealing with this time and space.

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