Morning Sun and Danger

Life is not always easy for a Puppy of 5 months! Especially on his morning walk.

Getting out the door is always a challenge. The first step is being allowed to put on my socks, without being attacked by my young friend. The children also would like to wake up in their own pace, without undue licking and barking.

The Puppy is bored. I’ve seen how he returns to his sleeping cage, when nobody else is awake to play with.

The most important thing for me, is to open the back door, making sure that he comes outside, to do his business, before it ends up somewhere else in the house. Things have gotten better though, with him knowing where those things should be placed. He stands at the door, still inside waiting, looking and smelling. There might be Danger lurking out there? He seems to say. No need to rush out, until the air gets a good sniff.

Finally, he walks outside, stretching from top to toe. Then again. He disappears around the corner of the house to start his rounds. I go about my morning business, not thinking about him again, until someone starts yelling for him to “Get Out!”

His food dish looks forlorn. I’m sure he is disappointed that no one saw fit to fill it up, while he was sleeping, but it will come. I’m sure of it.

The time has come for his morning walk. He stands on his hind legs, and starts to bark. I turn my back to him, with the leash at the ready. A few bites on the leash, and we are ready to go. There are so many things to sniff in the outside world. Things that were not there yesterday, or perhaps they were, but deserve a new sniff all the same. He usually stops and waits, when we approach a house where a dog lives. He hops up on the gates, craning his neck to see, if one of his friends might just show their faces…. No. Not this time, I’m afraid.

The walk continues with sniffing and stopping, with a certain course to follow. After we’ve rounded a few corners, he is occupied with an important scent, but I can see a new dog on the way. It is what in Danish is called a Kongepuddel – or King Poodle. It sounds more royal and distinguished, than to say a Standard Poodle is on the way. I can see that it is a large dog, especially when you consider my puppy is a Minature or Toy Poodle. I’m not always sure what certain things are called in English as most of my point of reference lie in Danish. But one thing is certain, a smallish Poodle in the 5-month, Puppy Stage is considerably smaller than the large dog coming toward us.

Normally my dog will run to other dogs, jumping excitedly and the like, but this time he kept his distance, waiting and watching the other one approach us. The large Poodle began to bark and jerk at his leash. The owner just steered him along another path, leaving him to watch us as we continued on our way. My Doggie just stared, and stayed silent. Then it was time to resume our walk, sniffing in the wake of his larger cousin.

Finally we return home again. He stops at the front door, both waiting for me to let us in and for me to remove his leash. He takes a quick look around for the others, but has to be satisfied with me for now.

Here are a couple of views of my dog. Both his coming and going-look.

I’m afraid I didn’t get a close-up of him today, as he would just have jumped up at me, moving even faster than when he did with these other photos of him!

His dangerous morning walk is now at an end. Now the most important thing is to stop writing blogs and start thinking “Puppy Food” which of course is the most important thing in the world….isn’t it?