I Can’t Seem to Sew

I’d blame my parents, if I were you.

Who taught us how to do things when we were young? Our parents, of course. Who taught us right from wrong? How to cross the street? How to play with others?

Who should I blame if my life hasn’t worked out like it should? I’d hate to point fingers of course, but there are 2 perfectly viable suspects in my mind.

Some would say that their parents didn’t do the job good enough with them? Then they must be at fault. Hey, If I’m going to blame someone (other than myself) then everyone has a chance of making my life what it is, or what it isn’t today!

I probably made the wrong choices with friends, lovers and pets? My education was also lacking the necessary things that I could’ve used to get further in life, than I have!

My car is not fast enough, my house is not paid for, and my teenagers are difficult.

You see, if only my parents did their job correctly, then I would have been a better person today!

I guess, I can’t blame them for everything. My mother departed this existence over 30 years ago, while my father hung on for another 19 years.

They seemed to be proud of me, and what I had accomplished, even though I wasn’t a success in everything I did. The did the best that they could, and didn’t need to apologize for what they couldn’t.

I only wish the same for my children, when they get older and look back at their lives. Their own parents were not perfect, nor did they have all the right answers. They merely wanted their children to have the best things in life, while keeping things in perspective. They were not rich, nor were they famous. They tried their best, but were only human in the end, and couldn’t aspire to greater things than that, with only the love for their children being the best accomplishment of them all.

Remember that the next time you want to blame someone for something……