Being You, Being Me

I hope you are open to positive criticism, because I feel that you need some right now?

The outcome of this blog will determine who you will be to other people, and most importantly, who you will be to me.

When I didn’t know you, you were just you, and I was just me. Things being in equilibrium was actually the best for the both of us, but they didn’t “unfortunately” stay that way.

As time went on, we got to know more about each other, which changes things, as you know. I tried my best to remain true to myself, but I’m afraid that you didn’t work as hard as me in that respect.

You were actually becoming someone, who I learned a great deal about, which made me think more of you each and every day. You might not have noticed how much restraint, I showed, which should have told you to do the same.

Our knowing each other, began to be troublesome. I couldn’t go through each day, without speculating about you, wanting to be with you, and changing my life for you. You can see now, how you were not just being you for you anymore, and were becoming something more for me.

I feel that I have learned through this process, and the most important thing for me, is to remain true to myself.

I only wish that you kept your end of the bargain. If you had stopped being the person that you are, and took a good long look at the effect, you have on others, then we wouldn’t be in this mess today.

If you really want to change, and not be someone special to others in the future, then you need to take into account the following things:

  • being witty and intelligent
  • being fun to be with
  • being a warm and loving person

I think, if you are able to overcome these shortcomings, then the next time you end up changing the equation to it being in your favor, it will help you in your future relationships.

If that had been true, I’m sure no one would have fallen for you like I have.

I apologize for being so weak in that respect…..

Not Missing You

Well, now your trip to Denmark is over and you’ve come home once again to Canadian Soil!

I’ve reviewed your trip in my mind, and I can say without doubt, that it was one of the finest that anyone could have.

I’ve also thought about you being gone, and have concluded that I am not missing you, now that you’ve gone.

It is a good thing for both of us, giving us a chance to move on in life. I suggest that you too, adopt the same attitude, just as I have done.

We could celebrate our decision together, just apart, as it were.

Now we won’t need to miss each other.

We also will not miss talking to each other in person, and by telephone.

I will also not miss showing you around the country, nor will I miss telling you about life in Denmark.

Just think how nice it will be, not having to see each other, face to face, and share our lives with each other in that way.

I have considered calling you by telephone to tell you, of how I do not miss you in any way, shape or form, but I am afraid by doing so, that I will start missing you again,

And that would be something that I would not want to do!

Missing you greatly, that is!

Missing in Denmark

One Microsoft Lumia telephone.

Last seen in Aalborg almost 2 weeks ago.

Reportedly moved around Denmark to escape detection.

Possible past locations:

  1. Aalborg
  2. Viborg (1 and 2)
  3. Århus
  4. Esbjerg
  5. Odense
  6. Svendborg
  7. Aalborg
  8. Copenhagen

Clues to its whereabouts can be determined by perusing this Blog Site:

Reward: None

Sentimental Value: Poor at best

Additional Information: Micro USB cable which can be used for Data transfer is also missing. Black in color. No distinguishing marks.

Sim card from Denmark.

White telephone case, obviously used.

Last recorded usage: 25 May 2016. Copenhagen Denmark. 11am Central European Time

Possible Future Location: Montréal Canada. Address unknown.

APB – Efterlysning

Wanted: One water bottle from Canada. Montréal.

Missing: Near the Northern Tip of Denmark

Lost: 22 May 2016


  • Bottle plastic, clear with colorless liquid inside
  • Cap: plastic being rouge in color, peut-être more orange
  • Lightweight. Easy to carry. Possibly unbreakable.

Here is an approximate search location:


Source/Kilde: Google Maps

Closer/Nærmere Details: Lost or stolen between the end of road number 40, along the beach (the Kattegat Sea) towards the northern tip of the Jutland Peninsula, Denmark.

Reward: None.

Value: Sentimental at best.

Search had been started on the return/retur trip towards highway 40 after having visited the northern tip. However, an unexpected deviation in the route, increased the odds for failure, which should be noted in the upcoming police report.

There were observed a number of foreigners in the vicinity, also those from Denmark, being Danes and all.

The Lucky finder should consider him/herself lucky with a possible Wow- factor, placement on Facebook – a sort of Bottle Selfie, and bragging possibilities to ones friends!

Remember. There is one sad Canadian girl out there without her bottle from Montréal. Let’s all pull together and try to make the end of her visit to Denmark into a happy memory!


Contrary to popular belief, this is not the bottle in question:

ribe vandflaske

But this is the Real McCoy:

real thing

Don’t be fooled by its size…….



Don’t you ever….

I don’t know about you. I would have thought that for once in your life, you’d tell me the truth, especially after I’d traveled so far?

We were walking on a large sand dune in the Northern Part of the Jutland Peninsula, when I asked, “Where in the world did all of this sand come from?”

and you replied, “Sahara”.

“We are in Denmark. The Danes are perfectly capable of having their own sand from the North Sea. North Sea on the west, Denmark in the middle, prevailing wind from west to east! How in the world can you tell me a lie like that?”

“The ships sail on the North Sea, right? On the western side of Denmark it is called Jammerbugten- The name is derived from when ships sank on that windy coast, causing  people to jammer – cry and weep. The people along the shore would then gather up the spoils from the shipwrecks. When they saw how easy it was to run aground, they decided the best way to transport sand, was to put it on the western side, and let it blow to the eastern side. Lower transport costs = Greater profit.”

You really think I’d fall for a lie like that? You probably thought, I was born yesterday? A young girl like me, being so impressionable on her first trip to Denmark, and all! How many other lies have you told me, while I was here?

“You know about burial mounds, right? They are found all over the country. The usual story is that they come from the Iron and Bronze Ages. They are actually missile silos! The Americans always have secret bases around the world, and this one has the perfect disguise. You can even go into some of them, but even there the deception is complete. It takes a trained mind to be able to hear the hum of the guidance system behind its fake walls. In the old days, there would be an American behind the wall, using his periscope to observe the world around him. They were much more effective than those concrete bunkers from WWII. They even found that Californians were the best suited for the job, allowing for their cunning and ability for deception!”

I was really getting ticked off. My dream vacation was being taken apart, bit by bit with these lies. I just wanted to know that the last time that we spent together, would be the most special of this whole vacation. It all culminated when he invited me over for dinner, together with his family.

“Hello and welcome. This is my wife, Helga. My daughter Freja and my son Ragnar. They have been looking forward to your visit, and have prepared a traditional Danish meal. We will start with Lebanese Pizza, then Italian pasta. The Dessert is a nice American pancake topped off with Sirop d’érable pur direct from Québec. All traditionally made in Denmark. Afterwards we will entertain you by having our Dog, Viborg try to flip over backwards, landing on his feet again! Not just once, but twice. Viborg times 2.  I will then drive you home, by the long route, describing the content of my collection of etchings. You won’t forget it, I assure you!”

More lies. Lies upon lies. I knew all of those things were false, even down to his wife and children. The dog even looked rented. “Rent your own dog today”. I read that ad in the local newspaper. I really thought for once, he’d tell me the truth. Just once for old time sake. Just once for our friendship. I guess, I deluded myself in thinking that.

I longed for the sights and sounds of Montréal once again. I couldn’t wait to tell my mother of my travels, but hesitated telling her that she had been right. That my so-called friend over here just wanted me for one thing, and he got it as well. I should have listened to my mother. I know if the truth comes out, my days will be like those of too much red wine, ending up with my father mowing the lawn outside my window. The constant noise of the lawnmower, pounding in my head. Pounding and mowing…pounding and mowing….

I guess, I deserve everything, I get. It was my choice to visit Denmark and I knew of his lies before I left. I just thought that this one time, it would be different. The last thing that he said to me still haunts me today:

“Don’t take it so hard. Remember what we have shared together and tell yourself, Things could not have been better! The weather was perfect as well as the Potato Chips! I treated you to no less than three large and expensive meals, and showered you with handmade gifts. I not only drove you around the country, but I drove you crazy as well! I treated you as good as I treat myself, perhaps even less so? I’m sure that Helga, Freja and Ragnar would agree to my words. God bless you, if you sneeze that is, and remember that we don’t say Goodbye in Danish. We say på gensyn, which is just like in your native French – Arrivederci!”……..

An Uncontrollable Urge Called Viborg

Viborg. Viborg. Even the name is magical! I wish I had used my leisure time this past weekend in Viborg…

It really didn’t seem like an exciting place at firs, but after a while I knew, that the rest of Denmark paled in comparison to the singleness, the pure elegance of Viborg.

I considered writing a series of travel blogs about Denmark, but couldn’t get past Viborg. It is true, that many people would have brushed off the idea of visiting such a small place, off the beaten track, lacking in character, tourist sights, and an easy way to find way around, but still the name says something without saying anything.

It might have been a girl, traveling through that caught my attention when I first stepped of the bus in that fairy tale sounding name of a town. Viborg that is! Or perhaps a puppy with a ball, or a teenager with a new I-phone 6s. All of those things put together in, have you forgotten its name? It was Viborg!

Perhaps, it could be done in two blogs, Vib-1, and Vib-2. Some might say that was dragging out the agony, while others would revel in the simplicity of 2 mini-blogs, thereby increasing the pleasure of knowing it in more than one testament!

I was only on a first name basis with “V”, and wouldn’t want to leave my wife, just because I harbored strange feelings, when I was there. I guess, there are many loves in our life, and Viborg will just have to remain that one standing in the shadows!

We needed to part company in the end. Goodbyes are never easy, but I felt that someday, I would again step off that bus once again, and meet with my old friend…..

named Viborg.

If you had forgotten its name again.

Honestly some people don’t listen, when important things are said……

The Suitcase of DBC – Chapter 11

I guess, I had a lot of things to occupy my thoughts, otherwise I would have asked my friend before, what she had been up to. Maybe she wanted to be a mailman, and was trying to sell her wares, as it were, from door to door.

What with runaway dogs, and making money washing cars, it seemed like my life was filled up with enough things to do, in a not so ordinary summer, as summers go. It was, however, about to increase my workload even more, and it happened when my next door friend, suddenly turned up at my doorstep without any warning, whatsoever.

First there came a knock on the front door. Not an ordinary knock, nor an unusual knock. You know how it is, with having to have a “k” on the “knock” which made it all seem a bit silly, but then I didn’t invent this language, although I might have, if given the chance? Uh why did I start going down that road, what was I just thinking of?

I looked out of the door, wondering why the mailman decided to knock instead of just stuffing the mail through the slot in the door. Maybe it was time for the summer catalog, filled with smiling people in summer pastel colors, running and playing, having picnics and the like, while someone else had pasted a lot of prices underneath, showing the rest of us, what happiness really costed.

My mother liked to look at the catalogs when they arrived. She seemed to sigh more than usual, as if she had wanted something else out of life, than just being a housewife, married to a master of garage antics, and fix-it possibilities. She had stopped, long ago in trying to interest my father in the same pictures, waiting for his comments of, “Wow, look at those pants, or that dress would look good on you honey, not that you need any sprucing up, you still are as pretty as the day I married you, let’s take a weekend trip all alone, just you and me, like having another honeymoon”. He was more interested in seeing, if there were any new tools in the back of the magazine, then promptly excused himself to the garage, when there wasn’t anything interesting enough to capture his attention.

I didn’t see his mail truck outside, and wondered if he had gone the way of using the mail bicycle instead? Not everyone had the legs for it, and I think he was a bit embarrassed to show his hairy legs in public.

After a while, a new round of knocking started again. It might just be someone selling Girl Scout Cookies? I used to like smelling them, when they first came out of the box. Mom always said that we should support that sort of thing in our city, otherwise those girls would end up on the wrong side of town. I looked at a map once, and wanted her to show me, where the wrong side of town was located. She just looked at me in her exasperated way, and said “that was just an expression of speech.” As I’ve gotten older and have started to think about girls in different ways than before, I wondered again where that part of town really was? It seemed most of the girls that I knew, didn’t seem to notice me, no matter what I did to gain their attention, but those other girls in that other part of town, just might look at me differently! I didn’t want to ask my mother again, as I figured she wouldn’t tell me anyway, which meant that I needed to concentrate on the right side of town instead.

The third round of knocking sounded more angry than before. I cautiously opened the door to find my next door friend, looking like she was going to explode, and the blast was directed at me. “Have you been lost in Daydream-ville again? Have you even tried looking out of the window to see who it was? Do you think that I dare do this kind of thing everyday, using the frontal attack approach, while your Mom is at the store!”

“You’d better come with me you Ninny, before she discovers you and me, all alone together-like kissing, and who knows what else can happen?”

It’s funny how the word “kiss”, made me lose track of the conversation! I walked over to her house in a trance-like way, letting her open the front door, and lead me upstairs to her room once again. I felt that she needed to do something drastic to snap me out of my trance. I could come with a suggestion, but she was usually the one who decided what and when I really deserved a reward.

She seemed to have control over me, like some James Bond Girl, who was controlled by Goldfinger, or Blackheart in Japan or Europe at the October Fest, with exploding cars and skiing down the Alps with only 1 ski, while dodging snowmobiles with German Austrian Cold War Agents. He always got the girl, but sometimes she got it too, making it necessary for him to get a new girl, but that wasn’t any problem, when he ended up at some casino in Monte Carlo sipping a shaken, not stirred martini sitting at the Blackjack table, waiting for Raquel Welch to come by, and….

“Earth to Ninny. Earth calling Ninny. Come in Ninny. ”

“You are really wack-a-doodle! I wish, I could join you in dream-land sometime just to see how far you’ve really gone! Listen here. Today is the most important day of your life. Do you understand me? Read my lips.”

She shouldn’t have said lips. Anything other than lips. She could have talked about her mother, and how she wears Army Boots, or why Canadians want to speak French, just something other than lips. Why lips? If only I had the nerve to tell her, what I was thinking about then I might have a chance to…

“I am holding my index finger in front of your face! Follow my finger closely. Do not take your attention away from my finger. My finger is going to poke you in the eye, if you lose your concentration one more time. Now get a grip!”

She moved over to her closet and took something dark and cumbersome out. It was the suitcase, we had found in the forest, when my dad and I had been camping. It had the initials DBC under the handle, and I don’t know why in the world, it was so important to her?

“I want you to concentrate on the suitcase” she said while showing my her index finger once again. “This suitcase might just change the rest of your life”.

She placed it carefully on the ground and started looking at how it could be opened. “If there are explosive charges involved, my words will be the last ones that you’ll remember, before we are blown to kingdom come!”

This was sounding a bit melodramatic, but I tried to keep my attention on the suitcase as much as possible.

“Do you read the newspaper, Poindexter?” she said while fidgeting around with the locks on the suitcase.

“Sure I do. The funnies with Peanuts are always good. And the weather page is always interesting. The other day I saw that it snowed in Montréal. Think of it? Snow in July. I wonder if they had snowball fights, and had to go to the emergency room after someone had put a stone in one, and had knocked out someone’s tooth?”

“I am holding my index finger up, once again. Look only at my finger. Do not take your attention away from my finger. Your life might depend on it!”

“Listen here you Ninny. There was an article recently about a highjacker who jumped out of an airplane with a suitcase filled with money. DB Cooper was his name, but you know what? They never found him, or the money again. Now what if those wind currents blew the suitcase around a bit, knocking seagulls out of the sky, and hitting a tree or two, before it finally hit the ground? Are you following me now?”

I really didn’t want to tell her, “No”, because I was afraid of her reaction. She might just poke me in the eye, or something making it necessary for me to go to the emergency room at the hospital. “We’ll need to call your parents!, you know and the police will need to be involved if a crime has been committed.

My mother would arrive, being all worried, and mad at the same time, wanting to know, how something like that could happen to me? “Was it some Cosmic Dust, or a stray bullet fired by some Canadian on the rampage?” I didn’t know how to tell her the truth, so it would end up in a new lie, thus protecting the girl next door once again. Honestly, I was getting rather good at covering my tracks, telling my mom white lies about this and that, just to keep on the good side of my mysterious friend, girl. Not”girl friend” next door.

“I see, what you are implying”. It is interesting. Very interesting.”

“Stop sounding like those guys playing Nazis on the Laugh-in show! This is serious business.”

She finally managed to loosen the locks on the suitcase, prying up the lid with a screwdriver, or two. We both looked inside and saw something like bundles of green things.

“You see, you Ninny!” Wads and wads of Greenbucks! Moola. Money. Sawbucks. Cool cash! I told you so. I did. I did!

We dove into the suitcase nearly knocking each other over in our excitement. When we began to feel the bundles, my friend’s excitement turned to anger. “We’ve been cheated! This is not money! These are just bundles of moldy socks! We’ve been gypped.

It was true, what she said. At least about it not being money. It looked like a salesman’s suitcase, filled with wares sold door to door.

“I know what happened!” she said suddenly, her anger turning to joy. “It was a traveling salesman. He happened upon a farmhouse, where DB Cooper was holed up. The only person there that day was the Farmer’s Daughter, who obviously switched the money for the Salesman’s socks. The old Switcheroo, it is as old as the hills! That means that the money is still out there somewhere, probably at a nearby farmhouse. She probably wooed him with her womanly charms, then pursed her lips, and….

She should not have said lips again. Not again. I wondered how women did that, purse their lips that is. Is it the same as pucker? There are just too many things to think about this summer. Way too many things.

Did she say lips?…………….