I never understood, how people could write poetry

They were always rhyming things, which kept me waiting for the last word in the sentence. Cat, bat, hat…

Give me a break!

Then they went on to prose. No rhyming. Just words. I found myself stuck on poetry, when it really was prose. I waited for sat, pat, rat.

They just never came. Then I thought of Haiku. Which made me think of poetry, which made me think of rhyming, which made me think of prose, which led me to Haiku.

Haiku gives me a headache. I thought of three phrases,  which didn’t necessarily have to rhyme. They were prose-like, but not prose.

I had to start counting, then thinking about what I was counting, then write what the counting would tell me about, what the Haiku wanted me to say.

I really started to long for mat, for my cat, with the hat

But I started getting a headache when my mat cat’s hat didn’t add up to a Haiku

Poetry gives me a headache…