My 10 Best Friends

I did it. I finally did it. I made a list of my 10 best friends.

People used to ask me, who my best friends were? I thought long, and I thought hard. I finally made a list of the 10, I felt meant the most to me.

? Why 10. Why not 5? Having 10 best friends means that you’ll end up forgetting their names at some point in time. It’s kind of like Grandparents who need to remember their grandchildren, or great grandchildren. “Isn’t that Lucy?” No, that was the cat. “Why would my children, and their children breed like rabbits? Be fruitful and multiply. It just makes their names harder to remember. I am not a Spring Chicken anymore!”

All right. Point made. I’ll reduce the number to 5, but there is going to be some sad faces out there at the awards ceremony!

“I’ve called you all together”, said like Hercule Poirot, “To reveal the name of the murderer”. I’m glad we have someone like him around, because I never could second guess Agatha Christie! I wonder, if it would have helped coming from a country where they read from right to left? Then, I would have known who the killer was, at the start of the book!

The room was filled with potential “Besties”. Some even had Shriner’s hats on. The red  ones with the yellow tassels. Others had actually been at the party next door, but whey they ran out of Vodka, I suddenly had more potential “Best Friends”!

There was a man with a Blond on his knee. “I actually like her red, high-heel shoes the best”, said while feeling along the polished lines of the left shoe. The Blond looked bored, but waited to see, if she had made it on the list.

The chips and dip were plentiful, but I feared they wouldn’t last out the whole day. I thought, I might begin losing participants, if that were to happen.

I chose to start the event, not wanting to risk a lessening of the crowd.

“I want you all to know that this list will not involve money, or inheritance”. The crowd began to murmur. “It won’t be in any alphabetical order, with the 3rd, then the 2nd then the first being named”. Some people started to exit their seats.

I chose these 5 from a potential 10, who have meant the most in my life. It is not based upon former relationships, more chairs in motion, nor present ones, some noise and shouts for a doctor! – A woman having fainted at the thought!

The chips had run out, leaving the dip behind. Those that would use their fingers, did, while those who were Chip-purists, didn’t. The crowd thinned even more. Even the Shriners started to look bored, if that indeed were possible?

The man with the Blond left the party without her. He was still caressing her left shoe. “Let me tell you about my life”, he said, as they walked out of the room into eternity!

The Blond had gotten bored even more, but seemed to eye one of the Shriners, twirling a ring of keys, with one of them saying BMW to her.

I looked out upon a sea of empty chairs. One lone soul was left. I addressed myself to him, My true first, and last friend on this planet.

“Although, I have known other dogs before you,…….


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