An Elephant for Your Thoughts

I thought about you today, just not as much as before.

Were there Elephants? What kind of a question is that? Elephant thoughts?

Sometimes I think a lot about you. Small thoughts, like mice or, squirrels. Not all thoughts have to be Elephants, you know?

*Maybe, I don’t mean as much to you anymore? Maybe, you are losing interest in me?

That is silly, and you know it. If I threw Elephants around every day, then you’d get bored with me. What! You’d be saying, ” Another Elephant! How unoriginal!”

*No, No I wouldn’t! I never get tired of Elephants. I’m sure, I wouldn’t!

Perhaps, I’ve spoiled you. We should have started gradually, with Otters and Foxes. Then we could have branched out to Monkeys and Flying Squirrels. We should have stayed there for a while, and just toyed with the idea of Elephants. It is better to toy with Elephants than to go whole Hog with them!

If I thought, you’d feel better with Elephants, then by all means let’s do so.

*I have been feeling a bit under the weather today, and an Elephant or two might just do the trick!

Elephants it is then. Let there be Elephants. An Elephant for your thoughts!

Pardon my trunk. It seems to have a mind of its own…….




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