In Two Weeks

In just 2 weeks we will have met, if we were to meet that is.

I see it 2 ways:

  1. we do meet
  2. we didn’t meet

Number 3 might involve aliens, so we’ll just put that on on the back-burner for now.

  1. The meeting occurred at the Airport. I stood there with a bouquet of your favorite Danish Weeds in my hand, and a big sign saying, “Wilkommen til Danmark”.

A: You were all teary-eyed and almost lost your (bag of Québecian) cookies right then and there. I said that my wife was waiting in the car, which meant that excessive, outward shows of emotion were not advised. The electric baggage robot took your bag, and we mounted the monorail together. The parking lot was miles away, which meant that our first few minutes together would be above the clouds, higher than the birds would fly. When we descended once again, the weeds had turned to summer flowers, and you had developed starry eyes, and rosy cheeks. I was somebody else, and my wife told me to “Stop that!” when we finally reached the parking lot.

B: The plane arrived on time. I greeted you in the true ways of the Danish Alps, by shaking your hand upside-down, stomping my feet, and telling you how your eyes looked exactly like a high mountain stream that had dried up in the middle of summer. My friends readied their Camelo poop, and threw it upon you, as you exited the Airport Building. No better welcome could you expect from a Dane, or a Non-Dane, let me tell you Bob!

2. We didn’t meet

A: The plane seemed to be delayed. I asked at the counter when the connecting flight from Copenhagen was due to arrive. There would be no connecting flight today, I was told. It was kind of like being left standing alone at the altar. With a bouquet of flowers in my hand, and a heavy stone on my heart. Time to tell the family that my mail-order bride from Québec had gotten cold feet at the last moment, and wouldn’t be coming to the Kingdom of Denmark after all. I untied the cans from the back of the car, and rubbed out the sign saying, The Future Mr and Mrs….

There were tears in my eyes, but I knew that life could be cruel from time to time. But why did it always seem to happen to me???

B: You met Mr Right when you were changing planes in Iceland. He spoke of Belly Dancing, and you of wanting a change. The both of you went off together, hand in hand, into the Midnight Sun, never to be heard from again……

At least you Mother was happy that it happened in Iceland….