Waiting for a Train

All day waiting. I haven’t seen a train yet. Sitting here in the cold, waiting.

Once in a while, I went up to the tracks to have a look. First left, then right. No sign of movement. No trains in sight.

I wonder, if I tried to think Indian, something would happen?

I placed my ear upon the track, and waited to hear something.

“He’s trying to commit suicide” Someone yelled behind me.

A mass of arms and hands grabbed me by my shoulders, and whisked me away into a waiting car. “The Lord would never forgive you, if you were killed like that!”

The car swerved and the wheels squealed. Motorists and bicyclists  that didn’t get out of the way, risked coming to Kingdom Come, tout de suite. I guess, if you have to go, the best thing is to have company on the trip?

The car stopped in front of a nondescript warehouse on the edge of town. “Get out, you!” It seems that Jesus had a Bad Boy side to him, that I never realized? I always thought that there was love and kindness, instead of roughhousing those, who have strayed from the chosen path?

I was rushed inside by my rescuers, thugs, or whatever they wished to be called? I don’t know just what, but I felt that my life was beginning to pass before my eyes.

“Fall down upon your knees, and beg forgiveness!” – a voice called out of the darkness. Silence reigned. I looked around, but found that I was the only one who had the privilege of being “saved” in this manner.

“I was just waiting for a train, when….” I wasn’t allowed to continue this explanation, when I was yanked to my feet once again. “We are all waiting for a train, my son, but we never know just when it will arrive!”

Just my thoughts exactly. A blindfold was then placed upon my eyes, with a great deal of noise occurring about the same time.

“Take him to” – with the destination being muffled, I found myself being hustled back into a waiting car, with nary a word or whisper.

“Out!” “And don’t let us catch you even considering to take your God-given right of life again, or….”

I was waiting for a train. It seemed like, it never was going to come. I considered the Indian approach, putting my ear on the track, waiting for the vibrations….

I was waiting for a train.

I was waiting for a company of Angels to accompany me on my journey.

It’s best, not to journey alone……