The Penalty for Failure

In Denmark a prison term varies from 1 week to 16 years, with life imprisonment for especially violent crimes. Parole is warranted when 2/3 of the punishment is accomplished, while for life imprisonment this (parole by trial basis) this can normally happen after 12 years.

When imprisoned one’s normal freedoms are restricted, and one it expected to work, gain an education, or be subject to receive treatment, equal to a normal work week of 37 hours. Most inmates have their own cell, and are allowed to fraternize with the other inmates, except at night.

In relation to the outside world, they can write and receive letters, can make telephone calls, and have the right to receive visitors once a week.

I mention these facts in relation to the penalty for arranging a bad party in Denmark. My wife is obviously aware of these types of punishment, and will do anything to avoid such treatment.

It must be something very Danish this party business? I personally cannot get as worked up about it, but the looming presence of an organized event with 30 guests is a rather daunting idea for most Danes, especially women. I know that I need to keep a civil tongue in my head, and try to be in a cooperative way during this process. lest I wish to experience of being hit, where I live!

I’m not sure if a prison term is the ultimate punishment? It might also be one’s own upbringing as well as those of the guests, who are expecting more than any one person, in the rest of the world that is, would be able to accomplish with flying colors.

As the day approaches the tension is apparent, with hastily written notes, and plans filling the area around the party planner. Yesterday we, note the we part, accomplished a number of these items, but the joy was rather short-lived, as those lists were replaced by others when we returned home again.

I admit to using small notes myself, when I make a recipe. The Family “I-Pad” is always in use somewhere else, and I don’t see the need to print something out that just requires a short look at the computer monitor, if my short list isn’t enough.

My wife on the other hand has her lists, her expectations, her upbringing, and her general worries about the party going right to be able to keep track of everything at once. I casually remarked how nice it was to have gotten so many things done yesterday, but that we hadn’t made it to the wine department of the local store, that I hadn’t been to the barber, and that I hadn’t done a proper inspection of my party clothes, just wasn’t acceptable behavior just 6 days before the final event.

I should be worried about Crime and Punishment in Denmark, but alas I am not.

I have been married for over 27 years now, and if that is not punishment enough, then I guess the fraternity of my fellow inmates should be a positive thing to look forward to!

I might also just have time to learn a new language, which wouldn’t make my incarceration seem so bad after all……..





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