The Most Direct Way from Albania to Montréal

Albania to montreal

Commonly asked questions:

  1. If I only book a one way flight, will there be trouble with immigration? No, not if you are a Canadian Citizen. If not claim refugee status from the USA.
  2. My mother is concerned about my traveling alone to a foreign country? I wouldn’t worry about that, unless you have been in contact with a strange man purporting to be your friend, living in Denmark, under suspicious circumstances.
  3. I can only speak Albanian, Urdu, Swahili and Telugu. Will I experience problems in Canada? No,  not at all. The Canadians will most surely welcome you with open arms, and will explain to you in French, why the US is the better travel destination!
  4. Is my cat, Freja allowed into Canada, without any shots, or papers whatsoever? Yes, indeed. A special waiting room has prepared for this type of occurrence, with an all expense paid trip for the both of you back to Albania!

Remember Canadians will be welcoming every and all legal travelers, including those coming from the USA, if of course they have proof of not professing to be a follower of Donald Trump, or will be expecting to vote for the man in the upcoming  US Election!

Welcome to Canada (now go home!)….