Hiding My Age

Sometimes while at my job, someone on the telephone comments about age, “It might have been an older colleague that I spoke to before?” It might be, but I’m afraid, I’d have trouble finding one though, being one of the oldest in the shop.

I’ve never tried to hide the fact that I was a bit older, than the rest. I was indeed a bit younger, when I first started in Retail Sales in Denmark, but that was one of those things that was due to the year of my birth, a common joke in Denmark. “My Birth Certificate is wrong you know- that is the cause of all the trouble..” – Danish Humor.

When I started, the other fellow in my department was somewhat older than I, and after being in the company for 20 years, he retired, allowing the younger fellow, who was me, to take over his position.

No one has begun to refer to me as “Old…”, but it is just a matter of time, before that happens. I posed a question last year, as to who was the oldest person in the shop. There was some discussion, and a few telephone calls to the others, when they found out that “Jens” was indeed the oldest, being over 60 year’s old.

Whew! The rest of us enjoyed a sigh of relief, now knowing that our youth was indeed confirmed, and those imaginary aches and pains, just vanished into thin air!

I guess, the next problem will be when “Jens” retires, thus passing on the torch to the next in line, giving the next “Oldest” the dubious honor of being called as such.

I wouldn’t want to say that it will be me, as there are a few others who most likely will want to have that honor, albeit dubious, bestowed upon them!

If I happen to answer the phone, using my youngest-sounding voice, you might just be fooled into thinking that I am indeed a lot younger, than I really am. You might even accept the fact, that I was surrounded by  many others, whose Birth Certificates were even more incorrect than mine, and would be deluded in those thoughts, at least until you got a chance to meet me in person.

You might still be inclined to accept me for what I am, regardless of my age, a slightly older, but rather youngish in step, American-sounding, not quite Dane, living in God-Knows-What-For-A-Country…..

in Old Denmark, that is……









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