Styles – 40+

I realize, I’m journeying into dangerous territory, where no man should ever venture into, but being alone at this moment in time, I’ll take my chances.

At each stage in our lives, our styles change. I cannot seriously wear bell-bottomed trousers anymore, and even when I finally talked my mother into buying me a pair, they were not in style anymore. I tend to wear the same sort of jeans-attire, even though I am 50+, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference to me.

My wife on the other hand would probably like me to wear clothing that better fits my age, but neither of us can agree, what that should be. I know, why I need to wear a suit and matching pants at parties, or get-togethers of equal importance, but those are luckily few and far between.

My question doesn’t have to do with me, but of women 40+ in age. A female consultant, known as Key Account Manager visited our shop the other day wearing a short skirt, black stockings, and makeup in excess of her age. What struck me as funny, wasn’t how competent she was, but more how her appearance made me think of what attire would best suit her, and her position?

I guess, I hadn’t thought that much about it before, but it made me aware of the attire of others in certain age groups. If I considered her attire, how did she consider mine? The shoe might just as well be on the other foot, but I cannot give you her opinion, just mine.

What is it that we are trying to tell the world, and ourselves for that matter, by how we dress ourselves? Not being in any particularly important field of endeavor, where I would need an extensive wardrobe to suit my position, it’s hard for me to know, just what impression I give to other people by my means of dress? It’s never been an issue for me, and quite frankly I’d rather not use the time, or money on thinking about what is the right style that would suit me best.

I also seem to have a closet full of clothing, which for the most, I never wear, but am not allowed to throw/give it away, in case I suddenly need it for some special occasion.  When those special occasions do arise, we usually need to purchase new items, as “Those old things in the closet, don’t suit this occasion”.

I guess, when looking into my closet, I am confused as to why, I am forced to be so wealthy in clothing. It must be one of those things in life, which just need to be there, “In Case”, but which should not otherwise be worried about!

If you think, you recognized me on the street, looking dapper and stylish in my less-than new, not exactly known name-brand trousers, then it probably wasn’t me after all.

I actually, was at home looking at my clothing, wondering why, I was privileged to own so much, but use so little!

-and all those fine pieces of clothing fit me to a T!……