Weekend Sleep In

Wow. Finally the Weekend is here. Sleep late. No schedule. No plans.

Not if you are a dog. A 4-month old Puppy doesn’t know that it is the weekend. The day begins at 6am, regardless if you are catching up on your Beauty Sleep, or not.

6am. Open back door and push Puppy outside. Go. Do your business. No response. He just looks outside where it is cold and uninviting. Try again. Go. I don’t want to clean up after you again, because you forgot to do something outside. Go Out. No response. Funny, he was active enough to get me up at 6am, on my day off, while the wife sleeps on.

6:15am Time to play. And 6:20. And 6:30. Now he is interested in my breakfast. Anything lickable there? Patiently waiting for a lick.

6:54am Time to play. Open door once again. Out! Outside. There might be something outside after all. It is cold and the coolness begins to enter the house. Go. Then come back again. No response.

6:55am Walk through the kitchen, expecting to step on something that shouldn’t be there. No surprises yet.

7:00am Time to play. There are no interesting toys. Toilet paper is very interesting. Why is the Puppy so quiet? Oh, that’s why.

Wide awake now. Me not him. He’ll be ready for sleep again, after a while.

Close the back door, or not? If I close it, he most certainly will leave me a surprise.

He goes out to chase the birds, or bark at the sky. Or find an abandoned toy.

When my children were younger, they too would wake up early, regardless of it being holiday or weekend. They too wanted to play.

My Puppy is out and about. Sometimes here, and sometimes there. Always something new to do.

How did the toilet paper get into the kitchen?

I left the door open, that’s why.

The temptation was too great, and besides it was better when torn to pieces anyway.

Sigh. The wife continues to sleep. I continue to be awake. The Puppy follows my every move. Soon it will be walk-time. Outside in the morning coolness. Bite the leash. Smell the bush.

It’s a great day to be alive! Isn’t it?

And just think, some people are wasting it sleeping in…….