Walk With Me in the Fading Sunlight

Take a walk with me, at the night creeps closer.

The sun had faded, leaving but a few oranges and reds in the Western Skies. The chill seems to appear out of nowhere, out of sight.

Hand in hand, we walk into the night. I draw you closer for the warmth, for the warmth.

My attention is focused by the appearing stars. The brightest first, then the next, then the next.

I am not affected by the coldness, not too cold yet. Then the wind changes the equation. The wind takes my breath away.

Or, is it you?

The warmth of your hand in mine. The coolness of your breath causing mist around me.

My attention is now drawn away from the night. away from the dark, from the cold.

I draw you closer, and closer yet.

My mind swirls in the mists, my eyes see only you

Walk with me in the fading sunlight, warming me in your fading glow

The day’s fading glow

Walk with me…..


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