Exciting and Interesting Vegetables

I’m on an exciting vegetable quest today!

I decided to Wow the family with my quest, which starts in the local Shopping Center just a few measly meters away from my door!

I did the very in and hip thing, and consulted the advertisement online, before I let my hair down, as it were!

bilka grønt

Source: Bilka.dk

Hmm. Other than Eggplant, which my local discount store wouldn’t have advertised, it didn’t look to be an all that interesting, and eye-catching advertisement for the likes of me!

I decided to set out on my quest all the same, in search of some vegetable that would make the family sit up, and take notice of me, and my cooking inspirations!

I’ll write the sequel to this blog later today in order to inspire and enthrall the rest of you vegie-lovers out there in blog-land.

Until then think Lentils…..I do……