To Cabbage, or Not

Some people out there have been concerned with my Cabbage. I appreciate all of the comments concerning my “White Cabbage” here in Denmark, but I feel it  necessary to liberate it from the refrigerator today of all days.

Cabbage, spring onions and celery. I mean really, do you need anything other than that in life? My wife might disagree, but she has left for work, so it doesn’t do any good asking her!

If it were only those 3 ingredients, then I might be accused of boring food at work. Yesterday, for lunch, I had soybeans, carrots and an orange. “Are you one of those vegetarians?” No. I am not, and they are called “Vegans” for some reason, or another. “Don’t you believe in eating meat, at all??” It seems like there is more than one question to answer. Are you one of those people, and don’t you believe in meat?

I just nodded, and coughed politely, then continued to eat my Rabbit Food. “If you eat that, what are the Rabbits going to eat?”. It is not easy, being different. I just wanted to eat a lighter meal yesterday, and actually I had meat for my evening meal: Sardines with Rye bread. Lucky for me, the others present were more interested in my reading material than my food. “Harry Potter – in German! Are you mad?”. It’s nice when the others at my job, don’t concentrate on just one thing, but show how diverse the comments about me really can be.

Back to my Cabbage. I guess, I should spice it up a bit with some Olive Oil, and some spices, otherwise I’ll be accused of eating Boring, Vegan, Rabbit Food with no pizazz!

If you Cabbage people out there have experienced the same sort of teasing that I seem to be some sort of magnet for, then by all means I think that we should start some sort of Cabbage Support Group. Something with a catchy title, that will endear it to other needy people. I’m open to ideas, and won’t be throwing out my own suggestions, until I get some responses to this blog.

Be brave now, and think Cabbage. Your thoughts are your own, and nobody, and I mean nobody, can deprive you of those most precious of all thoughts!

cabbage (n.) Look up cabbage at Dictionary.commid-15c., caboge, from Middle French caboche “head” (in dialect, “cabbage”), from Old French caboce “head,” a diminutive from Latin caput “head” (see capitulum). Introduced to Canada 1541 by Jacques Cartier on his third voyage. First written record of it in U.S. is 1660s.

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