Danish Pastries,etc. – A Primer for Foreigners

You can’t buy a Danish in Denmark!

You can, however, buy pastries Danish Style.

A newer type of pastry is called a Donut. Do (long o-sound) Nut (sounds like nut). Let’s try it again: Donut!

Other types of cakes might be called by different names in different part of the Country. There is no standardization of Cake names! Strange but true!

The same goes for breakfast rolls – Rundstykker, or Round-pieces. If you ask for a Spansk in Aalborg, it might be called something else in Copenhagen. Pointing always helps in a pinch.

Try this:

Jeg vil gerne have (I would like). Yi (like J+high) vil (ville) gerne (ger+nah) have (haa va).

Jeg vil gerne have + pointing with your finger at the desired cake/bread. Pointing with your elbow is not allowed! Banishment is possible if caught by the Danish Pastry Police!


Buying ice cream: Is (sounds like EEE+sss). Vaffel (Vaff+el), Bæger (Baa-long a, + er)

Ice cream in this instance can be purchased in a waffle cone, or a cup (bæger).

Now the tricky part: Choosing the amount of ice cream balls.

2 kugler (cool+er), 3 ditto, 4 ditto, Extra kugler, med guf (mid guf) guf is marshmallow fluff.

The Ice Cream vendor will now ask you a question: “Do you have the correct number of balls, plus the right amount of fluff?”

That question has given me nightmares for all too many years, that I’ve lived in Denmark, and I advise you not to think about it too much. Just accept it for what it is, and leave those thoughts to real Danes…..


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