I’ve got a Hen to Pluck with You

That’s what it is called in Danish. The equivalent of, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you!”

We needed an idea for Dinner. The kids suggested Pizza, as usual because Teenagers don’t seem to think, or eat anything different than that.

No, Not Pizza. Then it was up to my wife and I, as dinner Not being Pizza, exhausted all ideas from the kids. I suggested Chicken.

Chicken Nuggets? The kids were on our wavelength again. No. Not Nuggets. Chicken. Chicken Breast, or whole Chicken.

Not Pizza, and Not Nuggets. We lost the reception on our common channel once again.

I liked the idea of a whole Chicken. Bones and all.

My wife popped it in the oven, and waited until it was done, all juicy with the glistening Chicken Fat bubbling in the dish.

My Kids suggested we take a short drive. What? Not now. The Chicken is ready to be eaten.

Burger King has Twisters. Twisters and Chicken can’t be beat!

Look. We have rice, and don’t need Twisters. More unhealthy fried potatoes, added to our nutritious whole dripping with fat, glistening light brown Chicken. It can’t be beat!

My Kids put on their headphones once again. An elephant could have hit the floor, but they wouldn’t have noticed that.

If only a Pizza, or a large Twisters had done the same, they would have come running!

I just couldn’t wait. My wife had her Ultra-Sexy oven mittens on, and took the steaming, glistening with Chicken Fat, Chicken out of the oven, and placed it on the table.

Man, oh Man. I’ve been waiting for this! She quickly fetched a special spoon used for sauces, and placed it next to the steaming, lightly browned, heavenly glistening with wholesome Chicken Fat, Chicken, and waited for everyone to be seated.

“When I was young”, I started to tell the kids, who still couldn’t hear anything, about how we used to eat Chicken when I was younger. “Mom would cut it up and save the Wishbone for us to fight over, when the meal was finished.” My Wife had been looking to the side, while I regaled the others with this extremely new, never before told story of my childhood, and probably was thinking about buying a kitchen apron to match her Ultra-Sexy oven mittens. Not that her husband would notice, but then he’d just have to pay for them anyway!

I dug around in the carcass, looking for the Wishbone. The kids were bopping and beeping to the latest tunes, while the freshly cut, wholesome, glistening with healthy Chicken Fat Chicken was placed upon a serving dish on the middle of the table.

“Dig in!” I yelled, and waited to see the looks on their faces, at this exclusive Family Event!

The kids just picked at the Chicken, as if they never had seen one like it before. “Dad” they said in unison. We still can make it to Burger King, and buy Twisters. They are open late, and we like, how we smell like Twisters and Chicken Nuggets, after standing in line waiting for our order. It’s like getting 2 times Food for the price of one!

I was just about to comment on their question, when I felt something wrong lodged down my throat. Mmmgurf. Hjjjelllp. My wife’s thoughts were interrupted by my gurgling and gushing. “YOUR FATHER IS CHOKING ON SOMETHING!

The Kids took off their headphones, and proceeded to pound on my back, like I had swallowed Minnesota, or something. MMggurrf! Gakkkelup!

PITEAU! It finally worked, and I saw, what had been my sudden greatest discomfort. “The Wishbone” my kids yelled in unison, once again. “Hey Dad” Weren’t you telling us some story about when you were young, and you choked on a Wishbone, or something?

I tried to collect my thoughts. I really didn’t want to think about Chicken, Wishbones, or glistening light brown healthy fat, tender, and not quite Col. Kentucky Fried Chicken at that moment in time.

“You know what?” I said slowly and deliberately. “Let’s go out and buy some Nuggets and Twisters!”

YEA! Shouts of joy were then heard! Both the Kids, and the wife agreed.

When we were about to start our drive over to Burger King, my daughter replied, “On the way, we can pick up the Pizza, we just ordered! As you started to get your breath back, and the color was returning to your face, we decided that you needed something special to eat!”

“No need to thank us Dad.  We were there for you!

Now we can tell our kids the story of the Wishbone, just like you were doing, when we reach your age…….