You’ve been lying to me

Yes, I have. That was an easy one to answer, I thought.

  • You’ve not only been lying to me, but cheating on me as well.

True, so true, and with your best friend as well! She is younger, and much prettier than you!

  • Is it serious? Are you dumping me for her?

Oh yes. I’ve been planning to do so for some time, but I thought of keeping both of you around for a while. Then I’d be getting “it” twice as many times!

  • You’ve changed so much. I thought taking that night class would be good for you, but it has made you a different person. Have you had other lovers? Perhaps from your class?

Yes indeed. I started with the teacher, then I moved on to the other female students! I considered the male ones as well, but I do have you and your friend first to think about! I’m not as shallow as you might think.

  • I can’t believe you at all. Why has this happened to me? Don’t you care about me at all?

I used to, before I took my class in lying. The second course was far better than the first, teaching me the finer points of lying and deception. When I passed with flying colors, I decided to dedicate my life to lying, showing you and everyone else around me, that I was truly good at something.

  • But I can never be sure, if what you are saying is the truth?

Well, it won’t be, plain and simple. It also won’t be easy staying together with you, with your nasty habit of being all honest and everything. Who knows? You might have learned how to lie from the Old Master, which means that you might be lying right now. Have you been sleeping with my best friend?

  • Of course not. How could you think such a thing! He doesn’t mean anything to me.

Right. Right. I understand. Not anything at all, you say.

I’m afraid, I don’t believe you, but go on “Tell me lies, Baby!……………….




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