I’ve been neglecting my Cabbage

My Cabbage is not pleased with me, and I understand why!

I used to make dishes with Cabbage, at least 4 times a week. I read somewhere on the Internet that it was best to eat Cabbage that amount of times, so I purchased Cabbage in many different forms. The usual type in Denmark is called White Cabbage, which looks like this one here:


Exciting, huh?

White Cabbage is very cheap, by Danish Standards, and it available mostly in the cooler months. Cooler might mean all year in Denmark, but in the summer it is called Summer White Cabbage, and is usually smaller in size.

I’ve cooked it and steamed it, sauteed it and eaten it as Coleslaw. I’ve told my family about it, its benefits and its different forms, so much that they probably have considered banishing me to the Pointless Forest – with little Oblio!

But times do change, and my interests do too. Danish White Cabbage was placed on the back-burner, thus allowing things like Lentils, and Sweet Potatoes to take its place. In another week or so, Burning Nettles will be large enough to pick “ow, ooh, ow” ready to be made into soup and such.

Today will be a Stir-fry concoction with celery (called Leaf Celery), and onions (called Løg – which is Bulb in English), and perhaps some tomatoes (Tomater – if you were following the Danish?).

Cabbage Neglect is not punishable by law in Denmark, although some might like to consider it? The Death Penalty is also not allowed, but there are so few crimes that warrant that kind of extremism, like Death of a Cabbage, and Cabbage-abuse, that I wouldn’t think it likely.

If you are into Cabbage then drop me a line. I don’t, however, indulge in strange Cabbage Sex Orgies, so that type of response is not wanted on my blog site!

Take a Cabbage out to lunch. I will be……





4 thoughts on “I’ve been neglecting my Cabbage

    1. Mine is the store-bought kind, but it still is one of the most inexpensive vegetables in Denmark (in season). Oxheart Cabbage showed up in force about 2 years ago, and is now available year-round. It seems there are more cabbage lover out there, than just me!


      1. Cabbage is versatile. I’ve put it in just about everything. I’m the Ohio, the US. I’ve seen people grow it here when there’s a light snow on the ground.


  1. I guess coming from California, I had led such a sheltered life, that I didn’t know about Cabbage back then. It’s taken a move to Denmark to teach me the really important things in life. Like Cabbage…


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