Dreaming of Albania

I’ve never done so before today. Funny isn’t it?

stats 31 march 16

Albania paid me a visit today. Who did I know in Albania? Perhaps a past love, who happened by me in my needy stage, chancing to perk me up, when I needed it most, saving me from jumping off that bridge, moments before it was over for good!

We weren’t together very long, her and I. She was just passing through and I, well I was trying to decide my own direction in life. I considered a tramp steamer to St Petersborg, but the thought of all that borsch was just too much to stomach! Then there was logging in Northern Québec, but I was afraid of running into another of my past loves, or being bitten by a Canadian Fox, or her boyfriend, as it were.

She didn’t seem to care, what I chose to do with my life. She was only in it for the sex and I felt obliged to satisfy her needs, no matter how long it took. However, I guess in the end, it took too long for her, as she announced one day that she would be moving on at the end of the week. I had until then to satisfy her, or fail miserably in trying. I consulted the local library, and asked my most experienced of friends, but to no avail. She was bound and determined to journey onward to Albania in search of the man, or men who would/could satisfy her desires.

I remember our last night together, in a flat overlooking the Danish Stock Exchange. She commented on how she would miss the sight of the tails of 4 dragons entwined together, as if being lovers locked in the deepest throes of Danish Passion!



Yes, I agreed. That was a most impressive sight, when I chanced to look up to the sight of them, from the embrace of her loving arms, in the heat of the Danish Night!

The next day she took her leave of me, thumbing her way over Knippelsbro towards points unknown.

“Think of me, the next time you chance upon Albania, at some point in your life”, she said blowing a kiss in my direction.

I would, I promised her. Indeed, I would!

That is why, I believe Albania visited my blog site today. A trace of a past love, blowing in the direction of the Kingdom of Denmark. I wonder, if she ever found what she was looking for? I only wish her well, and hope that our paths crossed again someday, perhaps in the Black Forest of Germany, or by the White Cliffs of Dover!

I reddened at the thought of her feminine form, silhouetted against the blue backdrop of the flag of Québec.

Dang, I’ve got to drive those Canadian thoughts out of my head, before I’m driven crazy with desire for Tartiflette, made with Reblochon from a little Fromagerie in Montréal…….

Where was I? Oh yeah, Albania. Who did I know in Albania? Perhaps a past love……..


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