The B-Word

Well, It seems like my life won’t ever be the same since my famous Women in ohnoohno-Bikinis-ohnoohno Blog! That might just be my claim to fame, as it were.

I’ve had a running discussion with a fellow blogger who wants to know, just when I will be showering him with B-Babes, preferably the one-piece suit type.

I feel, that if I take this discussion too far, I most certainly will end up insulting someone’s intelligence…perhaps my own?

I wouldn’t profess to having inside knowledge on the ups and downs of the B-Word, but it does seem to haunt my blog site. Some matters like sleeping dogs, are best left alone, but I have chanced upon a branch of the B-word related to the French language.

You know those common words, up and down. In and out. Open and closed? Well, Closed is OK, but try Googling Open in French. Before you do so, I would suggest that you retain an open mind, send the kids to bed, and tell your old lady, if caught in the act, that it was only a computer virus named Melissa!

The French word for open is Ouvert. Try typing that word into “Google Images” and see what you get! See what I mean? Language is a troublesome thing.

Now Ouvert is not the B-word, but if you type shhh-Bikini-shhh in Google Images, then the effect will be somewhat the same, just without the openness of Ouvert.

“Is it very far, Papa Smurf?”. “No, not far my little Smurflings!”

I feel that in writing blogs, I should retain a feeling of ouverture, no matter what the subject tends to be. Ouverture is openness, but not the type that Ouvert seems to be.

I have been asked by at least 2 bloggers to continue my quest concerning the B-word.¬† The first one was disappointed by the lack of B-Pictures, but I’m hoping that in revealing the word, Ouvert, that he will be at least somewhat pacified?

The other blogger has shared her blatant photos of the B-word on her site, and subsequently on my site, when I pressed it. She would like to counter my B-Blog most likely in defense of womankind, and the negative connotations that things like the B-word have brought upon them!

The topic, as they say, is still open to interpretation, which means that this won’t be the last time that OOPS-Bikini-OOPS will be mentioned on this blog site.

I thank all of you for your indulgence…..