Picky Eaters

My Children are picky eaters. 2 of them are anyway. The third must have been listening, when we said something?

My 2 picky eaters want things their way. Sure, they can eat things when away from home, that they otherwise would have rejected here at home, but they must have had the wrong upbringing? I’d like to blame my wife, but then we are 2 on the subject of raising the kids, so I don’t think, I’d end up completely blameless here.

My third child is adventurous in his way of eating. Things that would be exotic for my other 2 Children, are no problem for number 3. Peanut Butter? Bring it on! Honey, No Problem. A loose carrot, or whatever that comes along, will also work.

There is never enough food for Child number 3. Varied, quantity, taste are some of the things that he relies on for us to provide. I am perhaps a bit more daring in what I choose to give him, with my Wife being more on the cautious, motherly side.

I wish that my first 2 Children would be inspired by his way of eating. Just think of it, all 3 of my loving Children, eating as if it were a contest, doing what they could to please their parents…Dream on you might say? Well, there is always hope out there.

The other thing, which one of us has failed in teaching the Children is about how not to waste food. My Daughter always leaves something on the plate, regardless of its size. “Aren’t you going to eat that last piece?” Is a common thing to ask her. “No! I can’t eat anymore!” Child number 3 would never have that problem. There is not any waste of food here, and even the plate is cleaned so much so, that it resembles something having gone through the dishwasher!

I wonder how my Children will fare, when they become adults? Will they have learned, how to encourage their Children, doing a better job then we have done? Time will surely tell.

I’m not concerned though about Child nr. 3. He has a good head on his shoulders, and will surely pass on his good traits to his progeny.

-And he inherited his good looks from me as well!