Goodnight, I said!

It isn’t night, she said. But it is, it is!

We couldn’t agree on whose Time Zone was the deciding one.

I said that the Sun was here first, then it did its thing over the Atlantic, finally reaching Canada a whole 5 hours later. You see, I said. The East wins!

She didn’t feel that changing her schedule to fit with mine could be easily done.

Look here:

Denmark is minus 5 hours from Montréal. If you want to wish me a goodnight, then it should be at 7 am your time.

7 am my time! The woman never sleeps! I would have to feign tiredness, in order to wish her an equally good night sleep, well knowing that my Good Morning Wake Up Coffee was percolating in the background! Hey! I said while yawning big time, and thinking about hitting the hay once again. It was just in 18 hours from now, but I did need to keep a positive attitude about it.

“Are you really, really tired, or just pretending to be?”

I hate it, when she looks right through me!

No, I am really, really, really tired. Everyone has gone to sleep, and now it is my turn. I’ll catch up to you again in 6, no let’s say 8 hours. A good, well rounded night of sleep (said while looking outside at the blazing Danish sunshine). I, stopping to Yawn again, have to stop now, but I’d like to wish you Et fais de beaux rêves!

Wow. You are getting better at French, aren’t you?

I closed Facebook, and wondered what to do next. Sleep, or work? One of them paid me money, and the other one, the other one….

I’d be telling my boss, “You see, I thought that it would be int the best interest of our customers, if I started work at 4 am, instead of 9! That would give me a new perspective on the day, and….What? You don’t agree! (How narrow minded – I thought). OK. We’ll do it your way instead.

I felt that the best recourse was to confront her right away, showing that my commitment was true and honest.

“Opening Facebook Chat”. Hi Green Dot. I’ve got some news for you.

No answer. Allo. Anyone Home.

“What time is it? Wait I’ll look. 4 in the morning! Don’t you ever sleep?

Uh, I. Yes, but…

“Have you been awake all this time?”

(Hmm. Should I lie to her, or try my best using the truth?)

I’ve been thinking. I said. I think we should try this the other way. It might not work out with my boss and all. Do you think your boss will take it better?

Montréal is 5 hours behind Denmark.

When you go to sleep at Midnight, then it is only 7 pm here. I would only work until 6 pm, then eat dinner, or a Midnight snack, then go to bed at 7 pm, getting up again at Midnight my time. You would still be sleeping, with it only being 5 am there in Denmark, which means that we would be sleeping together at the same time.

Uh. What do you think your Cherí will say to that one?

Well, technically we wouldn’t be sleeping together, because I would have gotten up at Midnight, my time.

Well then, we won’t be sleeping together!

Yes that is true. Peut-être if I waited a bit until 12:30 am My time then it would still be  ½ hour before you woke up at 6 am your time. Then we would be sleeping together, but not sharing the same bed, as your wife and my boyfriend might not understand about Time Zones like we do!

I only have one problem with your thinking, I said, before she starting explaining the whole mess, one more time.

This Saturday is when we change the clocks in Denmark to Summer Time. Then I’ll be 6 hours behind/ahead of you, and you will be 6 hours, and not 5 hours ahead/behind me.

And you see that as a problem? She said. I don’t think that you are ready for a friendship of this magnitude, one that comprises time and space!

After Sunday, then we’ll be able to recalculate the Time Zones, and start over again.

I still think, it would be easier, if we moved closer to one another. I said.

Should we go North or South? She asked.

Another point of contention. I consulted a map:

atlantic ocean

Source: Google Maps seen from my point of view.

I felt that the Atlantic Ocean was way too long for this blog, and should be shortened a bit, but I don’t have my virtual scissors within reach of my keyboard.

Well, North or South? She said impatiently.

I think we should wait until the clocks change again on Sunday, and start over again!

The problems don’t get any smaller, because the distance between us increases with 1 hour. That might mean that the Atlantic Ocean won’t even fit into the blog, being so long and everything?

Now I know why long-distance relationships have such a hard time surviving. It might have been better for the both of us, that we never wrote blogs in the first place, having never communicated by Facebook, and never having to wonder, why we failed miserably at Math when we went to school.

We didn’t go to school together. We didn’t live in the same Time Zone, nor were we at the same age while doing all of those things.

I’d have to say, that I’m not 100% sure that we didn’t, because after writing this blog, I’m not too sure about much of anything anymore……………

Other than the fact that Time Zones really suck!






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