Babies are like-

Babies can be rather difficult. Not sleeping when they should. Not eating when you’d like them to. Not cooperating at all.

I remember thinking, when my baby is older, then we won’t need to change diapers, keep late hours, and early mornings, being able to sleep late, having life return to a sense of normalcy, like before we got kids.

I would be able to enjoy my child in other ways. Learning, Speaking and Exploring. Now that the Baby stage is over and done with, new horizons will be presenting themselves. New things to do, New places to share.

A funny thing though, when my Baby wasn’t a Baby anymore, I started to miss those times. Oh, perhaps not the dirty diapers, or the other less than pleasurable things in that respect, but there were things all the same, I would come to miss.

My Puppy was new a few weeks ago too. Now he is starting to loose his Puppy ways a bit, making me think of how he will be, when he has grown up. He still likes to chase his tail, and bite his leash, but he is also getting more interested in using his sense of smell to explore his world with.

My Puppy will not be known as Puppy anymore, but will attain the status of Dog. Everyone who knew him as a Puppy, won’t be saying words like “Cute, Cuddly and the like”, but will be remembering him, when he possessed those qualities, when being a Puppy. They will too think of him as a Dog, with fading memories of his younger days.

Babies and Puppies have a lot in common. They are both enjoyed best, when at their youngest, but after a while cannot be called the same names as those they started with.

Remember to enjoy them when they are in their various life stages, when they occur.

Soon they will become something else, and although not entirely the same, are to be enjoyed all the same…..


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