Where is this Blog going? The rest of the story!

Nowhere to go and all day to get there! That might just describe some of my blogs, but don’t worry, I’ve cleaned the windshield, and we are almost ready to go!

Some of you might have fallen by the wayside of my last blog, with a similar sounding title? I’d pick you up and dust you off, if it wasn’t for the others who jumped on the bandwagon as soon as you left.

I’ve been describing my life, fantasy and real, if you could tell the difference, that is, over the last 5 months or so. A lot of my followers, who somehow chose to follow me, haven’t been heard from along the way, and I’m afraid they’ve moved on to other blogs which are more current, hip or have pictures of women in bikinis. I would take the bikini way if I knew about such things, but I’d probably end up on the wrong end of my blog, if you catch my drift?

I’m afraid the flatbed truck has become too small for a trip of this magnitude. A bus might be more fitting, but things do tend to get out of hand for me, and when that happens, I usually end up putting my foot in my mouth. I won’t be naming all parts of the body, in case younger children have haphazardly wandered on to my blog site, and are beginning to ask their parents, “Mom, just what is he babbling about?”.  The parent would be at a loss of words, and would be forced to read the blog from the beginning. Some might think that was a sneaky way of getting likes on my WordPress site, but it really wasn’t my intention to attract new readers in that way.

Anyway, I left the rest of you back in Southern California, which is called Sunny by some and Smoggy by others. My tried and true blog friends might be at a loss, why I would have left that Paradise on earth, but then the Southern California Lifestyle is not for everyone, you see. 22.7 million Californians may, or may not agree with me, but I considered myself to be one of the few, and not the many.

I chose to seek my fortunes elsewhere, writing both prose and short stories for anyone who would read them. My career could have started right then and there, but Fate, with a capital F struck, stopping me in my tracks, and not the Southern Pacific ones, if you know what I mean? Just nod your heads in unison all the same, or I’d feel that you weren’t able to follow my line of thought in this blog!

It should have been the time to invest in Blog futures, or pork bellies, which ever gave the best return for my money, but alas the Internet was not so well developed at that time. I am again reminded about adding well developed Bikini Girls on my site, but then I do tend to digress now and again.

I guess, I’ll start the engine and see just what this bus can do. I hope it won’t be one of those which is wired with a bomb, or has Dirty Harry shooting out of the rear window, which is what everyone in Denmark asked me once. “How many times did you get shot at?” “How many people do you know who have been shot?” My wife experienced a wayward bullet through the wall of our mobile home, but other than that – I’m sorry, no one was killed like those gangs. and police seem to do each and every week on TV.

I’m not sure this blog will be going as far as I thought, as my blog ideas seem to be running out of gas. It is not the fault of the Energy Crisis this time, but more of a lack of direction and loss of passengers along the way.

I appreciate those of you, who have taken the journey thus far. I didn’t even get into the Fantasy Friends option, but then they have been in and around the blog anyway, visible or not.

My original questions:

  • Where are we going?
  • How many people are involved?
  • What is the size of the blog mobile?

may or may not have been answered, but then it might not matter anyhow? The question of where we are going is a relative one, as the end is really not as important as the journey, and we all know where that has led us?

To the end of the blog!