End of the Day, Blog

I might just be writing this at the end of the day, but you might not be reading it until you wake up.

I’ve been troubled by Time Zones before. If I post a blog at Midnight, then it’s still only 3 in the afternoon in California. What are they doing at 3 pm? Someone always responds with a read or a like, with Canada and not California coming in with the majority of votes.

Perhaps my blogs could be released at different times around the globe? Then people in Australia wouldn’t be confused by my dark Danish night descriptions in the middle of a Sunny Australian Summer Day. You see, it’s not even enough dealing with time zones, but with Northern and Southern Hemisphere problems as well.

I might just have to join the Flat Earth Society in order to make things fit, no matter where on the fearth you might find yourself. Wouldn’t it be called that? Fearth? Or perhaps Flearth?

I’d hate to confuse the Round Earth People with the Flat Earth People.Maybe if they had their own special App which would automatically convert my Round Earth Northern Hemisphere UTC+1 blogs into Flat Earth, Southern Hemisphere UTC+11!

I might just end up having 2 Facebook programs, side by side with my now, 9 Friends on the Northern Hemisphere, UTC+1 on the left, and the other UTC+11, Southern Hemisphere Flat Earth Friends on the right. It might get confusing, but my fears would probably increase to overflowing if my Family was divided among the Flat Earth vs. Round Earth people, throwing in the Fantasy Elements vs the Real Elements. I might just end up chucking my Spread Sheet Program for some sort of multi-level chess board, which the various elements could be placed upon?

Some people might say that my life is way too complicated to figure out anymore, even to those die-hard readers who have attempted to keep up with my blogs over the past 7 months.

Those same people might suggest that I wiped the slate clean, and started out once again to describe my life and my family, leaving out the Fantasy elements for now. It’s those kind of radical thoughts that add fuel to my blog fire, enticing me to write yet another, perhaps even more confusing blog than before. I guess, it’s the devil in me that makes me do those things!

This was just supposed to be the last blog of the day, and not a journey into the Twilight Zone. That’s always how it seems to happen with me, without any warning at all. It could be traced back to my upbringing, or a visit of Canadian Aliens who placed pods in my cellar?

That’s it, this evening’s journey is over. Those Aliens will just have to wait for another day to influence my thoughts once again.

Perhaps in the Southern UTC+11, Flearth Facebook Friends, of my Fantasy Australian Family……