This is a funny one. Someone out there in blog-land has accused me of being normal.

I can hear my family speak as I write:

  • Who in their right mind has said that? Normal? Have you read any of his blogs?
  • That kind of talk will just go to his head. God save the rest of us!
  • Haven’t we told you, that the N-word is not for people like you?

There is no convincing them of being normal. I’ve only professed to it myself, once or twice, but there was always someone present to counter my claims.

Anything but normal. Crazy. Downright Crazy. Bonkers. Lights on, Nobody home. Butter has slipped off his noodles. TV antenna doesn’t pick up all the channels.

I’m glad that some people have been able to accept me as I am, without speaking of my disability. Others use the Shhhh approach. Shh, he can’t help being an American. Shh, the Danish Society accepts most all kinds, even the likes of him!

Normal like us, was the precise phrase.

Hmm, If I’m more comfortable being anything less-than-normal, than she might be the normal one! I hope, she can deal with the pressures of being normal. I never could. The thought of living up to everyone else’s ideals, norms, and expected rules of social behavior would drive me crazy. OK being not normal might also be called crazy, but the jury is still out on that one.

Wait a minute, I’ve re-read her message to me. It wasn’t normal after all. She has said that both of us were not normal!

That is much easier to accept. She said it was a compliment, and I heartily agree!

I’d change the title of the blog, but I wouldn’t want to discriminate against all of the normal people out there, wondering what it is like being like that.

Just in the not-normal way!