Who am I, Who are You

I am who I’ve always been more or less.

Some people try to be someone, they are not. If I did so, I would always worry about revealing who I was before, by saying something wrong. It’s kind of like doing a makeover of yourself. New hair, new face, remove here and add to there. I would have to park myself in front of the mirror, making sure that the wrinkles were smoothed out, or the grey hairs were darkened once again. It seems like a lot of work, hiding who I really am!

Each day I accept who I am, even though there seem to be more aches and pains than before. It would be a shame, trying to act like I was someone else, or some other age. I’ve been those other ages and lived accordingly as to my personality back then. I was not anything else, than I expected to be, but hoped all the time to become something else. Oh, not anything like rich or famous, but just a more certain course to follow in life. Things turned out for the best anyway. Not more, or less. My days continue along, as they always have before, with me interacting with others as we move along in life.

That was me, but what about you? Are you who you want to be? That would be a difficult question for me to answer, because it is only you, who knows the answer to that. Do you want to add to, or subtract from your looks, or change yourself in any way? Have you wanted to be rich and famous, surrounding yourself with your admirers, and living life to its fullest?

I can only see you from my point of view. I cannot see, if you’ve changed your appearance, or if so, that you are pleased with it? I can only read your words, and try to imagine what your life is like. I would like say that the most important thing about you, is your smile. I try to smile throughout my day, using any chance to show others, just who I am.

I know who I am, as much as I’ve known throughout my whole life. I can only hope that I am the same, 10 years from now, but that remains to be seen, as they say.

What we do in life, and who we affect by being who we are, is by far the most important way to be. In treating others in the way that I feel to be best for all of us, depends of course, how everyone else thinks, and who they are as people. I cannot answer for anyone else, but hope that my smile can carry me through the good and bad times.

Show who you are today, by smiling. That is the one part of you that I wouldn’t want you to change, no matter what.

Smile for me…..




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