Look at that Old Guy

I mean really, what is he doing out here?

I’m really amazed that people like him are still allowed to run around with the rest of us young people.

  • Hey, he’s allowed to be here, as much as we are. Get off his case.

I’m just saying that old people should be put in homes, I mean that’s where they’ll get the care and looking after that they need. I’m just a compassionate guy, that’s all.

  • Look at him, just sitting there in the sunshine. Probably thinking about the way gone past, when he was young and everything. Old people must spend a lot of time doing that, looking back and wondering how they got so old!

Well, it’s not going to happen to me. I’d rather live fast and die young, rather than have to sit around all day, feeding the pigeons.  Over 50? Not me buddy-boy, I’m made for other things!

  • Wouldn’t you think that it’ll be all right, you know being over 50 and all? If you think positively about it, then you’ll only be halfway to 100!

Look here. Who in their right mind would have anything at all to do with you at that age? He’s probably alienated his family big time, so his children won’t have anything to do with him. He’s also broke,and the old lady left him for a high-roller type with all his bills paid, living a high power lifestyle and all.

  • We could ask him about his life. He might have lived one of those “Forest Gump” lifestyles, making his fortune early in life, making it easy for him to sit on that bench feeding the pigeons.

That is if his ex-wife didn’t scalp him for everything he owned, with pricey lawyers and divorce court experts.

  • You sure have a negative view of women, lawyers, people over 50 and pigeons. Now I know why mom kicked you out of the house last year.

It doesn’t really matter anyway. Let’s just talk to the old guy, and get done with this conversation.

Hey Dad! We have a few questions for you…….