Through my Dog

You are trying to get to me through my dog, aren’t you?”

Some people are so obvious. I should know, I’ve been there myself.

When my daughter was young, I used to take her for a walk to the nearby mall.  I knew that when I took her into a few of the shops frequented especially by women, there was always a comment or a smile at hand. “Oh, isn’t she so cute!”

You know the way that they look at you? All smiling and beaming, as if I had suddenly become their one and only. I wouldn’t say that I did that on a regular basis, but I should have done so, in retrospect!

Young dogs have the same effect on people. I guess, it’s a baby thing. If there is a baby present in a room filled with women, then the ritual, “passing the baby from person to person” usually occurs. It isn’t even restricted to a particular age, and I’ve seen it happen with human babies, but some of the same characteristics are transferred to puppies and kittens.

Suddenly everyone wants to be his nanny, when we are out traveling. Yesterday, we entrusted Coco to a neighbor, who also has a poodle. We received 2 text messages about what had been done, who was present, and how wonderful it was to do those things for “us”. It was just another example of “Through my Dog”, which is not always a bad thing! I appreciated the fact that someone could take care of my young dog, remembering to activate him and allowing him to run about the backyard.

Having recently lost our other dog of 8 years, I felt it necessary to pay a visit to a number of our neighbors to show them our newest addition. More oohs, and aahs were present, with the classic “lifting up and cuddling of the baby” by the female neighbors. The male neighbors took the usual male perspective of saying, “he’s OK, he is” then kicking a nearby automobile tire, or spitting on the road. That whole thing about emotional response by men is a harder thing to come by, and not at all expected when a puppy is present.

Babies and puppies being all warm and smiling is one of the most potent drugs around us today. The lure of such things has no equal, but is not to be feared as addiction and withdrawal would be in the other case. It’s also not something that can be expected at any given time or place, but comes spontaneously invoking emotions and reactions, we are not any master of, no matter how we try to explain it away after it has occurred.

I wouldn’t want to accuse anyone of trying to get to me through my dog, but again I’ve been there and done that. I know how potent the allure of a soft and warm puppy can be, but not just how far it can go, or where it can take me?

I hope Coco is strong enough to keep me on the straight and narrow!

Coco head