Dreaming Awake

I took a trip to Germany today. A 3-hour drive to Germany from Denmark.

For the most of those 3 hours, I was on my own, thought-wise. I could let my mind wander while the kilometers flew on by. The heavy frost from the previous night affected my ride by the salt slurry that was applied to the asphalt of Europe Highway 45 (E45), which was then thrown up onto my windshield by the cars in front of me. My time was well spent between cleaning the windshield, and dodging the many trucks and cars on the 2-lane Motorway.

I started to think of someone, who I have never met. Never really seen and never having spoken to. She occupied my thoughts throughout the day, but mostly in those first 2½ hours before reaching the Danish-German border.

The others in the car slept, or spoke occasionally, and finally I needed another distraction, that being the CD-player. Coldplay’s X&Y took me to the border and a bit beyond, right up to the entry into Germany.

Driving southwards into Germany there was no problem crossing the border, but we expected border control when we would return northwards this evening. Both borders, this one with Germany and the other one with Sweden, have been controlled since the Danish and Swedish Governments decided to restrict the influx of travelers, be they migrants or, asylum seekers. Everyone is encouraged to take their passport along when exiting the country, to make sure that re-entry is possible again.

My thoughts became more cluttered as we entered Germany. Which Ausfahrt (exit), and which way to turn and …..

I began to develop a splitting headache after my 3 hour trip into Germany. The ensuing 6 hours of shopping didn’t help the situation at all, but we needed to shop for various things, before a big party coming in April.

At 5:45 pm we were on our way northwards again. The border crossing that we took was a smaller one than on E45 which meant that the police officers present, chose to wave us through the crossing, without ever having to show our passports.

The drive northwards began in the fading sunlight, which quickly turned to nighttime blackness. The traffic northbound was not as intense as it was going south, but the combination of darkness, tiredness ,and not having driven in the darkness for quite some time, reduced my appreciation for the homeward trip greatly.

My thoughts became my own once again, as the kilometers rolled on. An hour into the trip found me filling up gasoline while back in Denmark once again. I still had 2 hours to go, but the diversion helped my blurring eyesight back to the straight and narrow once again. I found my thoughts wandering once again, without being able to say exactly why.

The silence in the car was only broken by the winter tires rolling noisily along the Motorway, demanding another distraction in the form of FM radio, helping me along in the darkness.

Why do our thoughts take us to places we’ve never seen, to meet people we’ve never really known? I allowed myself the luxury of letting my thoughts wander to those places, even though they were thousands of kilometers away from me. I could’ve imagined that I was dreaming a dream. A realistic one to be sure, but a dream all the same. Luckily, I knew that the dream was but a daydream, but not too intense as to divert my attention from the other cars, traveling at equally, or greater speeds, chancing a fiery crash thus ending my life and the lives of my passengers.

I returned to my house unscathed, but rather tired, finally allowing my mind to rest at last.

Dreaming awake were my thoughts which wandered out of Denmark only to travel to other faraway places. I was though in Germany surrounded by the language and the culture, for the shortness of ½ day, without being the worse for wear.

citti flag velkommen citti

1st photo: flags at Citti Shopping Center

2nd photo: Warmest Welcome, in Danish.

3rd photo: “It is nice that you are here”, first in German, then in Danish.


I managed to visit all of the marked shops on the left side of this screen shot, borrowed from Google Maps with thanks.