The Woman Who Never Sleeps

I like my night’s sleep. I wouldn’t be without it. When the time starts looking like 1 am, then I know I’ll be sleeping late.

It is said that as we grow older, we need less sleep. How old is old? Are we talking 70, or 80? It still seems like I need the same amount, as I did 20 years ago?

When I worked as a Newspaper Delivery Driver, I started work around Midnight, ending my “day” at 6 am. During the day I worked a number of odd jobs, or went to the University. I never seemed to get enough sleep, not at the proper times, that is. If I overslept in the evening, I would end up  at the end of the line, waiting to receive my 50 or so bundles of newspapers, thus making my morning sleep all the less before school.

My lab partner in Physics doubted that this lifestyle could lead to anything productive. We needed to perform experiments, which required concentration and precision, which of course corresponded to having had a good night’s sleep. I did need the money though, and he was being subsidized by his father, while he attended school.

I then got a new job working from the late afternoon to 10pm. I hardly had time to be awake, let alone sleep with my busy schedule. I once awoke thinking that I was late for my afternoon job, only to discover it to be 5 am and not 5 pm. Lucky for me, I made the decision to stop my all-night job being satisfied with my evening job.

What does all this have to do with a woman who never sleeps? It seems that she is always at work, hopefully awake, or at home, awake again, but never seeming to sleep. I realize that we are separated by 6 Time Zones, but there must be a few moments in every day in which she closes her eyes, away from Facebook, G-mail and WordPress, and has a good snorker!?

It’s all just speculation, you see. It could be that she is in reality triplets, and I only am communicating with one of the 3 at any given time? It would also explain a lot of other things about her, which has troubled me over time. I do wish they had some sort of numbering system, in order for me to find out, just who I was addressing at the time.

Perhaps some sort of electronic switchboard with 3 colors. When the color was lit, then that person was: sleeping, working or enjoying some leisure time. I might just start to refer to her/them as colors. “I was blue today” she would tell me. Hmm. Was she down in the dumps, or was that her daily color? “I saw red today”, which could be her as red, or was she red due to being green with envy?

It’s kind of like buying flowers with the correct colors. Red, yellow and white are not just colors, but moods and states of being. I’m sure I’ve sent the wrong message to the recipients of my flowers throughout time, which might just explain why I’ve had varying luck with members of the opposite sex!

It doesn’t really matter, I guess. It’s hard for an old dog to learn new tricks, and adding or subtracting to my sleep account is just as difficult to comprehend. Before turning in, I like to end each day emptying the blog that I have left in my head. I might just doze a bit at my computer, perhaps gathering my thoughts, in preparation for my upcoming blog, but more likely just being tired after a long day at work.

The only thing that I really know for certain, is that I only write blogs while I am awake, and not like others (that woman again) who decide to post blogs using symbols without any meaning. I am awake now, but I am at a loss, if she is one, two or three people; if they are awake or asleep; or if they are aware that I’ve uncovered their secret?

Awake or asleep at least I don’t have to deliver newspapers anymore in the darkness of the Sacramento night, never knowing if I was going to get a free Bear claw (a pastry) at the bakery, or if I had to pay for it. I must have dreamed that they were free!

Those are the best kinds of dreams to wake up to…..



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