Money without Staples

Ever been to India? I have. Twice. When you exchange money, they staple it together in a large bundle, making you feel like Donald T. Rump, or Bill Fences.

Danish money is way different. It has different sizes? Why would they do that? My wife highlighted my ignorance. “What about the blind? How are they to tell the difference between 100 kroner or 50?” By the size of course. The coins are also different sizes, some with holes in them.

Along the way certain coins have gone out of vogue. The 25 øre coin only exists in the History Books, having outlived its usefulness.

Since I moved to Denmark, the US Currency has also changed in character. I wouldn’t recognize American Moola today, unless I’d seen some of it in the movies.

I remember, how my Real Sister used to work at the University of Los Angeles where she dealt with coins. The American quarter was still to be found in its silver form, which made her trade in the newer model silver+copper quarters for the more valuable pure silver sorts.

I still possess a few Deutsche Marks, and Pesetas, which otherwise disappeared with the advent of the Euro. My in-laws who traveled quite extensively once, enjoyed being millionaires while traveling in Poland back in the 90s.

Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Great Britain have decided to keep their time-honored currencies. Danes like their Krone, and have no intention of having it blend into the Euro, no matter what their Politicians would like them to think.

We still need to convert to those other rebel currencies, as well as the Euro, when traveling outside of Denmark. We need to make the necessary conversions while trying to calculate the cheapness, or expensiveness of the item at hand. Things seem to be cheaper, but then the taxation systems in other Countries are also different.

I do miss my Indian currency with its Elephants and pictures of Gandhi, all stapled together so tightly that it is almost impossible to remove them without damaging those nice pictures.

I leave this blog with a few shots of Indian Currency. If you look closely, you might just see where the staples had penetrated the paper, making the memory all the stronger.

and if that was too far away for your thinking, then perhaps this other form of currency better suits your taste:

In Disney We Trust!!!