You can’t trust anyone

I recently wrote about my Real Sister and her Husband discussing my blogs.

It now turns out that she didn’t tell me the whole truth, when relating their conversation concerning my blogs!

She decided to fictionalize parts of the story, which I in turn fictionalized into my story of my fictional self.

I would be upset, but first, I needed to re-read my last sentence to be sure that I understood what I meant.

It really takes the cake, when my Real Family turns on me, and begin to write blogs of a less than non-fictional character. I would protest of course, but if you knew how much I’ve toyed around with my family, then you’d probably need to have put a GPS-tracking device on my train of thought in order to figure out where we are today.

I really thought that my Real Sister, knowing that she was my Real Sister, and not one of my Fantasy Wanna-Be Sisters, would have caught onto the madness long before now, and just accepted it as a part of life. OK. Not a Real Life, but a Fantasy Blog kind of Life.

I thought that she would be the best one to trust, when writing about my Real, Fantasy and Adoptive Sisters, as she would be able to cut through the Baloney and know, in her heart, that she was my one and only, true Sister, and not one of the many facsimiles that seem to run loose in my blogs.

I was certain that our relationship of being Real Brother and Sister, not the Fantasy, or Adopted, or Traveling Circus Type of Trapeze Artist type of Wandering Gypsy Sister and Brother, who would have confused this blog to the limit, and not how it really is now!

I’m happy to have cleared up the confusion caused by my sometimes non-fictional Sister who purports to have written, or have re-told me that in essence that her descriptions of a non-fictional scene, was in reality a non, non-fictional retelling of the same event.

Having gotten that off my chest, I am willing to forgive and forget, and look forward to my Autumn visit to the United States where all of my Sisters, Fantasy or not, will be getting together in an all-time Family Reunion!

That would have warmed the cockles of my Real, but sadly deceased Father, and his wish for the Family, although terribly dysfunctional at best, to do their utmost to keep the Family together at all costs.

And nobody is better at being normal than our Family…..



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