Fiction is my Middle Name

But what is your first name?

Some people are never satisfied. My own family in the States can’t seem to decide just who I am.

Fiction, is he writing fiction?

  • No, it is really reality cloaked in fiction. You see, I take real situations and fictionalize them to protect the innocent. No, not really, but there is always a grain of reality in what I write.

Did those things really happen? Did you really say that to him?

  • My family is discussing one of my many blogs telling a story of who we are.

He is not writing about me. He is writing about his imaginary sister.

  • My Brother in-law is confused.

My sister tries to explain. Just imagine that it is not me, but his imaginary sister. You see?

No, I don’t. It almost sounds right, but who is he really talking about?

Our deceased sister. The Black Sheep of the Family. The troublemaker.

  • Good word, Troublemaker. I wish, I’d thought of that one, when writing about my family. I might just have to use that in a future blog.
  • Listening to them discuss my blogs, even I could get confused. I’ve tried to help everyone to understand, how my family is structured, but there still is some confusion.

He used to live with us, you know? My Brother in-law starts to remember the good times that we had together. Remember how he dragged the Christmas tree through the length of the house, when the front door was only 3 feet away?

  • OK. It was, but that was just a moment of inattentiveness. I was thinking of something else, while I did that.

And he used to sit in the chicken coop, and cluck like a chicken! That was also not normal, even for your family!

  • Well, they did seem to understand. That was way back when, before I wrote blogs.

And he was crazy about plants and drove everywhere to see them “Greening Up”. And he went hiking in the mountains. Every week. And….

  • You see, why fiction is better than reality. Reality only frustrates us, but fiction is there to entice, to delight and to cause wonder.

And he lived with your Imaginary sister in San Francisco. The Black Sheep. And it was probably there in that God Forsaken City that he began to get his crazy ideas.

  • This is the point in the story where my Sister, my Real Sister should come to my defense. Telling about my good points. Remembering what we really meant to each other in our family….

You are right of course. He’s crazy as a loon. Fiction might be the only thing holding what is left of his sanity together. Let’s just humor him, and hope that he returns to reality some day. Then we’d be his real Sister and Brother in -law once again!

I think, I might just change my first name to Fiction as well. It sounds a lot better than Non…….


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