Norway’s Southernmost Point

Norway has cornered the market on North and South. You’d think that it was enough to be swimming like sardines in North Sea Oil, or sporting snowclad mountains and ski sport areas!

The northernmost point in Europe is in Norway at North Cape at 71 degrees North. On the other end of the Country is at Lindesnes Fyr weighing in at 2518 kilometers from the North Cape.


I took the scenic route from the city of Kristiansand, which is about the only way to get there, unless you are visiting Stavanger, which is even farther out in nowhere-land. Here is a map graciously borrowed from Google Maps:

lindesnes fyr

Now is the time to take out your rulers, digital and otherwise, to determine if it really is the southernmost point! I paid money for the privilege of telling all my friends and relatives that it was that point, so don’t start making me into some sort of a liar!


View of the Lighthouse and vicinity.

The Southernmost point has a Lighthouse, or Fyr. It is very colorful sporting its Danish Colors of Red and White. There are a number of bunkers from WWII, which are interconnected underneath the Lighthouse.

You will meet people of all ages wandering in and about the Lighthouse, just see how that elderly fellow with the backpack is defying his age, and braving the tunnels alongside the youngsters!

Don’t worry about not being able to use your credit cards, or good old Norwegian Kroner, as there is both a Petit Gift Shop as well as a Grand Gift Shop. I apologize if Gift Shop is of the Feminine Gender, otherwise I should have spelled each of the 2 words with an “e” on the end!

Norway is a nice Country no matter where your visit leads you. Perhaps I’ve only seen the beautiful places, thus ignoring the lesser scenic basements and barrooms, but then you wouldn’t want to visit those places anyway, would you?

I end this blog with pictures showing the terrain underneath the lighthouse. Please note the circular WWII gun emplacements, and the aforementioned tunnels that can (perhaps) be seen on the inside edges of the circles.


It was rather windy up there, with a few Norwegians on the loose. I didn’t need to worry, because my wife could speak and understand Norwegian. However, you might need to pull out the old tablet, and try your luck using Google Translate, for all the good that will do, but arms and hands will work in a pinch!

Rigtig God Tur!!



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