Visiting Me

A friend of mine is on the way to visit me here in Denmark.

She has planned her trip for a long time, waiting for her money to equal her expectations. I guess, she got tired of waiting, and hopped the first plane out of Canada.

I knew she was scheduled to work today, but I’m afraid her boss will have to accept her excuse of being ill. Her family and boyfriend are also having to take the backseat on her plans, not being able to object, before she had grabs her passport, a hastily packed suitcase, and a few Danish Kroner to buy a cup of Joe, at Kastrup International Airport.

I’ve started looking out my window, expecting her to pull up in a Danish Taxi. She did say that she’d write first, but seeing as how impulsive this trip is, I’m not sure of anything anymore.

Never having the opportunity of meeting her before, I  shouldn’t expect too much before we get to know each other. I am though interested in her recent Belly Dancing Course. She never really had expressed interest in that hobby/line of work before, but we do need to support our friends in their endeavors.

I am looking forward to a demonstration, when she comes. It might just be the ice-breaker we all need, meeting new people. I will offer to invite my friends and family to attend her performance.

I’m not sure, if she’d consider being some sort of ambassador from Montréal, spreading the peaceful ways of belly-dancing between our 2 countries?

How do I know so much about her plans? Well, why else would she travel from Canada to Morocco, before arriving in Denmark?

To learn Belly Dancing, of course!

It’s the only logical explanation that I can think of.

Wait! Is that taxi outside my window……..


4 thoughts on “Visiting Me

  1. I think “I’m leaving for Denmark” doesn’t top “I was out of onions” as a not-attending-work reason, but it is still more original than “I have to go to the hospital” or “the car won’t start”! 🙂


  2. Nope, been denied the pleasure to visit you. Had you filed a complaint to the police mentionning I might not get back on the plane after my vacation, or is what the RUSSIAN told me all true? 😛


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