Keeping Track of Who I might be

Keeping Track

Some of you might be experiencing difficulties, finding out just who I am. In that regard, I’ve tried to make a list of my known personalities, at least them that I am aware of:

  1. I am, myself.
  2. The fictional me.
  3. My alter ego
  4. My imaginary alter ego
  5. My adoptive self

How hard can it be? I might just have to write future blogs using this numbered system.  For example:

The Blog of the Day (1+2).

I’d suggest using a post-it note, pasted on your screen, or perhaps a virtual note on your cellphone.

This system is not without its flaws. My other selves might get a bit rebellious, adding multiple personalities to themselves, making the numbering system more complicated:

The Blog of the Day (1a+2b). 1 is obvious, but a might refer to my first alter ego, or his brother? If his brother has a normal alter ego, and not a split variation, then it might just work using the alphabet system, added to the numbered system.

It would be a lot easier, if they had their own WordPress site, in order to save me from confusing my readers without just cause. I’m not sure if their site would be a fantasy site, or a real one? It doesn’t really matter, as they do as they please, without asking my opinion, anyway.

It is not easy writing any kind of a serious blog, without one of my other personalities writing a counter-blog immediately afterwards.

I’ve asked my real sister to write her own version of our family, so you can see, just how our family is structured. I don’t expect any trouble from the others, but then you never know when one of the Schizo-brothers might just feel that them time was right to throw a monkey wrench into my blog-life.

It’s never easy being me. That is choice number 1, you know…..



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