Sailing, Sailing over the Bounty Main

Check out this website:

Just about anywhere in the world you’ll be able to zoom in in maritime traffic on both the high seas, as well as on rivers.

marine traffic world

Screenshots from

On the website you’ll find a clickable map of the world. The legend on the left shows the type of ship, and by holding your mouse pointer next to the ship, you’ll be able to see its name.

skibstraffik kina

skibstraffik montrealskibstraffik danmarkskibstraffik england

I chose a few locations like Hong Kong, Montréal, Denmark and the English Channel.

If you ever wondered about how many ships were out there, sailing past each other in the dark of night, now you’ll be able to see them.

2 ships that pass in the night…that sounds familiar?

Killing time in Denmark……


Author: notthedane56

My heathen tendencies are waiting to blossom at the Mid-Summer Evening in Denmark. In a Country that professes to have an overwhelming population of believers in the Christian Faith, I am always reassured by their pagan ways, at least one night per year. I won't be throwing myself on the bonfire, but I plan on being warmed by the thoughts of the fun-loving Danes, burning witches at the stake, while singing songs and drinking beer!

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