Someone has Spoiled My Puppy

At sometime or another, it will be me or my family doing the spoiling, but not just yet.

Our new puppy, Coco has now enjoyed his first 8 days of belonging to a new family. He has way too much energy for us old folks, but luckily I still have 2 children living at home, who can do some of the running.

My wife told me that Coco has a particular liking to Liver Paté. He seems to have known it before, perhaps from his life before he came to us?

I was filling up the dishwasher, and as I returned with more dirty dishes, I found him licking one of the knives in the cutlery container. It had Liver Paté on it, and it sent Coco into Dog Heaven!

I admit to having a fondness for cheese, and that fondness was also appreciated by my last dog, Otto. He would lie in his basket with a clear view of the kitchen, if the midnight munchies began to call out to me. No morsel of cheese ever went to waste with him around. No edible thing would dare to reside on our kitchen floor, without being sniffed to, or tasted first, before being discarded as a waste of time.

It’s only a matter of time, before Coco attains the same level of consciousness. I might have to admit to starting the process last night, when a small, minuscule piece of Brie Cheese might possibly have fell on the floor in the vicinity of Coco, but as there weren’t any real witnesses to this event, then nothing really happened anyway!

He has sniffed a bit when cheese is taken out of the refrigerator, but hasn’t begun to beg for it as yet. That tells me that at his first home, there wasn’t any real cheese involvement, but a clear and present one with Paté.

I might say, if that were to be true that I can’t wait for that time to come, which is a real exercise in bonding to say the least.

But it wasn’t me that spoiled him with cheese, you know……..