Bearded Viking Guys

I think, I could’ve been a good Viking Guy. You know, swinging the ax, chopping heads and wood, strumming on the old Viking Banjo. Viking Things.

I do, however, have my doubts about one thing: beards! Oh I would be satisfied with one, terribly bothersome, wiry and brown as the California hills in the Summertime, but it just doesn’t seem to happen for me.

Denmark is filled with Viking Guy things. Sites with Stone indications of the Bronze Age (see the picture below), burial mounds, restored Viking Guy Ships, not to mention the Summer Fairs with almost – Viking Guy things.

Two pictures taken at Lindholm Høje, Nørresundby, Denmark. Stone markings/burial grounds, from Early Iron Age and Viking Age.

I’ve attended a few of them, one in Aalborg, but also a more famous one at Vorgaard Manor House.

or, in English:

I happen to have a few pictures with Middle Ages Guys without beards:

I guess if you like public humiliation, Knight Guys on horses, and children in wooden stocks, then this is the type of entertainment for you!

I didn’t feel that I should announce my coming out of the Middle Ages/Viking Guy Closet at that event, as I hadn’t grown a proper beard for the occasion.

Real dyed in the wool Viking Guys all, or should have the proper beard to fit the part!

OK, perhaps this event was more of a Middle Ages type of thing, but Denmark is famous for its Vikings, you know. It does have a more Viking-Like Event and it is close to Aalborg, where I happen to live.

If you look carefully at the picture on the website, then you will see some real bearded Viking Guys, looking well, like Viking Guys!

I might be able to distract those people, who would look down on my non-beardedness, if I wore one of those white, fuzzy caps, which seem to be accepted as genuine Viking Guy Type Stuff.

If you too would like to join me, then I’ll try to print an application form for your admission into the ranks of these Genuine, bearded, Viking-Guys, in a Middle Aged sort of a reality, if you really want to that is? Or not.

Remember they don’t accept just anyone in being an authentic Nordic Danish Viking.

I would know, being an American, and without a beard to boot.

Poor me…….





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  1. I slept on it, but this morning I still have the urge to comment… That 3rd picture is just making me uncomfortable… I try to get over it, and tell myself it is some kind of festival where people play characters, and things aren’t for real, but it still bugs me… That guy on the left has pogo stick feet, and that’s just wrong!


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