Copenhagen by Drone – Ski anyone?

Try taking a Drone ride over a new facility near Copenhagen, which is designed to burn rubbish, create electricity, and so much more!

At this link:!/

Landfills are not found in Denmark due to the enormous space required to do so. Rubbish is, therefore, burned in these plants turning the unusable rubbish into energy in the form of electricity, which is then made into heated water for district heating.

The top portion of this facility won’t be wasted space, as it will be made into a Ski Slope of 85 meters, with an area the size of 2½ soccer fields. The intention is that this facility is to resemble a snow covered mountain top from afar.

It is to be the most energy effective plant of its kind, reducing CO2 emissions by 100,000 tons a year, replacing an older similar plant, now 40 years old.

It can process 560,000 Metric Tons of Rubbish each year.

Processing of rubbish is to be started this summer 2016, but the official opening isn’t slated until 2017.

Alternatively, the video is also available for viewing on YouTube in 4K at:

Source: DR.TV – Danmarks Radio.


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