I have a surprise for you

That is what she said.


Today I received a large cardboard box from Canada. It had all sorts of dents and bulges in it with the usual writing like, “Opened and Controlled by the Danish Tax Service” – “No claims will be accepted, and this end up”, which didn’t mean that much, as it stood on the wrong end, as far as I could see.

It was taped all funny-like, with strange holes running along the top, or bottom depending on your perspective, which made me wonder just what kind of surprise I was in for?

I tapped on the side, and listened with my ear close to the cardboard. I thought, I heard something, like a sigh of sorts, but then it was probably just some of that bubble plastic that was losing its air, or something.

I kind of felt like Houdini, as I wielded my rusty, trusty knife and proceeded to cut along the edge. “Ow” – the box said, but that didn’t sound right! Maybe I was dreaming? So I took the knife, and jabbed it into my big toe, OW! Nope, I wasn’t dreaming, but now I was bleeding, which made opening of the box a bit delayed, as I hobbled into the bathroom, bleeding with excitement, and anticipation along the way.

After having bandaged my toe, and walking carefully with my knife in the safe position, I approached the box once again. Hey, wait a minute! The box was open on one side, but empty all the same. I peered into the inside, but only saw a pillow, a blanket that looked like the flag of Québec, and a piece of paper with “Denmark or Bust” written on it with indelible ink!

That was strange! I searched the house from top to toe – Ow, but couldn’t find hide nor hair of my mystery guest. This was surely a surprise of sorts, but I really wanted to know just who, or what had been sent to me, and why? I tried to communicate with my friend in Montréal……hmmm, no answer. I’ll try Facebook……the same, nothing. There was that time difference with it being 6 hours between us. Let me see, 10 am minus 6 hours. 4 in the morning. I bet she was asleep! That reassured me a bit more, even though I know how much she’s really wanted to visit Denmark, but hasn’t been able to save up enough money to do so.

I placed the box off to one side, but in doing so, an envelope fell onto the floor. Inside was a letter which contained the following text:

Dear Someone. I’ve been wanting to surprise you for a while now, but couldn’t find the right way to do so. I thought of saving up my money, and meeting you over coffee someplace in Aalborg, but then you know how wrong something like that can go.

I decided the best way to do so, was to box myself in, and get my brother to send the package to Denmark. Don’t worry about me not making the trip safely, as my brother filled out the necessary forms stating that the box contained fragile and perishable items, that contained the necessary items of trust, that connected Montréal with Aalborg.

A sort of Country to Country Friendship Deal.

In the event that something did go wrong, you would probably never know about it, and I would be living a new life in Langbortistan, or someplace like that.

I look forward to seeing you and spending some time in Denmark, before the Immigration Officials catch up with me and send me back to Canada. That will also be an experience in itself, allowing me to use the Danish, I have learned in Canada, at a higher and more official level than I hope to attain with the local Danish Population.

If you don’t seem to have seen me in and around Aalborg, be sure to look over your shoulder once in a while, and note any suspicious trash cans, or park benches that seem to be following after you.

If the coast is indeed clear, then I will be sure to reveal myself to you, using the secret hand signals that were included in my last blog to you. Remember to read every 4th word, then translate them into French, that it Québec French then applying the piece of paper, in the fabulous blue color of the Québec flag to be able to interpret my secret message to you.

If that happens to fail, then climb up the nearest roof sporting a weathervane or weathercock, and hang onto it as long as it takes for me to contact you. I ask for your patience in this matter, as I have decided to place my trust in you and only you, being my very best friend in the world.

See you soon





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