Dog Update – Coco on the loose

My new puppy was under foot the other day, mine! I was in a hurry and didn’t see him. Yelp! It cried.

After suffering the loss of my last dog of 8 years, I didn’t want to be the cause of the death or injury, of the new addition to the family.

I went to work with that thought on my mind. I made arrangements with my boss, to take a short trip home on my coffee break, just to make sure that things were all right.

The hours passed, without having the opportunity to go home. Finally my son arrived and called me up. “Don’t worry Dad, Coco is fine”.

My children are used to seeing my wife cry. She is easily moved to tears at the mere mention of certain things. Not me. I guess, my children had never really seen me cry.

Our last dog needed to be put to sleep after being bitten by a larger dog. We were all present during his euthanasia injection. Afterwards, I carried his lifeless form home, struggling to keep myself together, and it was probably the hardest thing that I ever had to do.

I then carried out the things that needed to be done: building a box of plywood, digging the hole next to the house, putting him inside, closing the lid, and covering him up.

That was December 23rd.

On Christmas Eve we went about the usual things required. We ate our traditional dinner with the opening of presents afterwards. I chose a package, and read the card,”to me from Otto”. My wife had given presents to the family in our Dog’s name for many years. She had just forgotten to remove that present in time.

I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. My family was probably in shock at seeing me in that way. I thought about my dog, lying in that cold box, underneath that cold dirt. I just couldn’t believe, he was gone.

Through the days that followed, I still had a hard time not falling apart with the mention of his name, or the reminder of him being here, there and everywhere.

My children were on their guard, at the least hint of my tears. They probably felt that it was their job to keep me going, while everything else seemed to be crumbling away.

We finally decided to buy a new dog. I said that we should mourn the old dog first, before making any hurried decisions. I felt though after a few weeks that my children and my wife, probably needed a new dog just as much as I did.

I realize this is a long blog about my old dog, instead of a shorter blog on my new dog, but I felt that the time was right to have it said.

My daughter is used to sending me text messages with her I-phone. She sent me one after we had gotten the new puppy, named Coco.

“Isn’t it nice that we have a new dog? Now you don’t have to be sad anymore!”

That was true. Now I don’t need to be sad anymore, but I still think of Otto, without having to cry.

Here is the point of this blog. My new puppy, Coco. It doesn’t get any better than this!




2 thoughts on “Dog Update – Coco on the loose

  1. I am truly sorry for Otto’s sudden and cruel end… We lost Cissy after only 4 and a half years, but we kind of expected it, because of her massive heart problems… I don’t know how I would have reacted faced to a violent end like Otto’s… But what I know, is that Coco will be there everyday to sooth the pain. And don’t ever feel guilty of not mourning enough Otto… Coco is not a replacement, his new job is just to fill the house with that touch of dog-magic it has been lacking of for a while!

    Stort knus…

    Wow, I am being seriøs tonight… Dang!


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