Visiting the Bunker Museum, Hirsthals Denmark

Those Germans during WWII were tricky fellows. I could use, big WOW, here but as it is quite early in the blog, I’ll just refrain from that idea just yet.

Here is a fine picture from outside the museum.

2005-07-Denmark 048

The windmill is included to add the vertical dimension in as opposed to the horizontal. Notice how the shadow of the gun stretches out toward the windmill. You can almost imagine Tinky Winky and La-La yelling “Uh-Oh” at this juncture, but alas they don’t!


Screen shot from Google Maps

Hirtshals or, Hirtshals for those of you than can understand Danish, is located near the top of the Jutland Peninsula. If you find Danish difficult to pronounce then you are not the only one. You might try to break down the word: Hirt and Shals. Together they are unintelligible, but separately they are meaningless! Danish for beginners!!

The next shots speak for themselves, “Achtung”, some of you might say, and you would be correct in doing so. Try to imagine those weary German Soldiers, toiling under all that concrete, or from the Danish point of View – The only Good German was a …….

On to the next photos:

My many years of German will be helping you in the translation here: When being shot at, put your head between your legs and….Nope. I’ll try again. When Shooting is going on then don*t touch this wall or you might be in danger of damaging your lever! I’d follow that advice, If I were you!

There are many interesting exhibits showing maps, artifacts from the war and lots of concrete. Don’t think that it was all negative, as the cement for this facility came locally from the Cement Plant in Aalborg. Thus in utilizing the local slave population and driving the cement over occupied territory, the Germans were able to give back some of the things that they took away from others. Mostly Danes in this case. But no story is only told from one side, and at the end of the war, most of the Germans were probably sad at having to leave their holiday fort for the less hospitable climes of a Bombed out Germany.

I leave you with one last shot of a group of Happy Go Lucky Vacationers at the edge of the Gun Turret sans Gun Turret concrete:

2005-07-JanFred-day 4-5 055

Note how these tourists are not Germans or Danes, as they don’t seem to bear a grudge while visiting this impressive site! You might recognize the tall fellow in the beige coat, imitating Babe Ruth’s Called Shot, by pointing off in the direction he intended to go. He seems to be continuing to walk, despite the fact that the metal fence directly in front of him, has no intention of giving way for his advances. He might be dangerous, as seen in other blogs, but you must tread carefully, and not upset him, if you value the lives of those hapless souls, directly in his line of fire!

A nice rifle with telescopic sight would be a nice thing to own at this point in time! Too bad they’re not allowed in Denmark!

Happy Holidays on your visit to Denmark!


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