If the ocean dried up, then…

-you could drive all the way to Denmark and visit me.

I’ve copied a map of the Atlantic Ocean Floor for you to follow, with the best route marked in black, or Noir!


Source: Codex99.com

I would advise an All Terrain Vehicle with GPS that would work on the Atlantic Sea Bed.

I found this Mega-handy drawing to help you on your way:

atlantic floor

Source: UTDallas.edu

On the left is Canada, and on the right is Europe.

I would also recommend taking a good camera with you, because you never know when the water might decide to return. Just a hint: Water+Electrical Digital Camera = Bad News!

The distance is 6262 kilometers, but I think someone has made a mistake, and measured the air distance between the 2 places!

The route: It starts off nice and easy, then you’d better make sure your seat belt is fastened securely and the brakes will hold, as it looks kind of steep from where I am sitting.

Then there are the Abyssal hills, which might sound like the perfect place for a honeymoon, but I think we should take those thoughts one at a time. The interesting thing will be at the top of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. It might be getting a bit hot, so remember to turn on the air conditioning or, at least roll down a window or 2, to get a good cross breeze.

If you come across signs like “Next Gas in 1000 kilometers if you make it up the steep rise after the Abyssal Plain”, then I’d advise you to tank up, no matter how much you think they are ripping you off!

To the north of the British Isles, it looks like smooth sailing, or driving, depending on the local conditions.

Remember to make sure I am home, and I’ll promise to have some cupcakes ready for you with coffee or tea, your choice.

Here is a shot of the cupcakes, if you thought, I was just tempting you, trying to get you to Denmark, without having anything of substance to offer!


Rigtig God Tur. Vi ses (see you soon) ……………………………..


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    • Thanks so much. I’m afraid though, due to the overwhelming response to my blog, I’ll have to organize some of you to stop off in England, and buy some scones. That would help me greatly, as my oven can’t accommodate too many cupcakes at a time.

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  2. Wow, Visitors from abroad. I’ll tell my wife to wash some extra sheets, if it turns into having overnight visitors. I’d put a Danish flag in the window, but you might still have trouble finding my house. I’ll try to park my Jutland Jeep in a visible spot, so it’ll be easier to find in a pinch.

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